Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trip to Athirappilly...

As usual, this year too we(Changaathikoottam) decided to celebrate New year/Christmas. And at the end of our discussion(Executive committee meeting :)), we planned a 'kutti' trip, considering the suggestions of many parents here.

Date was fixed -- 28/12/08, that was last sunday. From morning itself, we started our work, since we'd a plan to take 'home-made' food with us. Our chief cook was Keerthi's father. We all were his assistants!

We started from here by around 12.30. We were around 50 in number(in a 35 seated bus!), including parents and children. Our first destination was Thumburmuzhi. Saw the garden, park and dam there. We couldn't afford to spend more than 30 minutes there and then we set out for our next terminal - Vazhachal.

Had really a good time there. The scene of streams flowing down in between the rocks looked so beautiful. At Vazhachal, we'd our food, tea and all. Played a lot in the water. We'd asked parents to take enough care of their children. But, atlast, we had to control parents too :)

On our way back, halted in Athirappilly. There was not-a-bad crowd in Athirappilly. Greenery there looked much more beautiful in the dazzling reddish golden rays of setting sun.. Waterfalls were glimmering in the sunshine. While having all our happiness and thrill at the peak, had our 'valedictory ceremony', ie, cutting cake, in prior to New year eve! Had chocolates and sweets. After having some preplanned-funs, games and lucky dip, we said good-byes to Athirappilly.

Executive committee members :)

Reached back home by around 8.00 in the night. Trip was simply superb. We all had really a great time together.. Got appreciation from all for organizing such a nice small trip and were asked to think about our next tour, that too a long one!! Everyone enjoyed well.

Thank you all,
Wishing you a sweet colourful NEW YEAR,
Offerig you a piece of cake,

Signing off,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Relativity? Totally confused!

I should say "Albert Einstein was really a Genius"

Actually, I planned to put up something with a title Time is relative, related with some of my thoughts, and not science :) But, you know, I just had a Google search on this topic, just for a horror. And came to know that a great discussion on 'Relative time Vs. Absolute time' is going on all over the globe.

Had a glance over many sites and tutorials..and now I'm having effusive confusions! Is time relative? Or absolute? Hmm... Actually, what is Einsteins theorem of relativity?

If you are interested in this topic, have a look on these 2 sites.. Interesting and simple - Part 1, Part 2

Danger coming along in red letters...go further IFF you are interested. Having a copy-paste here.

"The line of reasoning that ends with "time is relative", starts with the postulate that the speed of light is the same for all observers. This postulate was itself based on the failure of certain experiments that were supposed to measure differences in the speed of light between observers.

This behavior of light is different from that of a baseball thrown by someone on a moving train. The speed of the ball depends upon the situation of the observer. Someone on the train would give one speed for the ball, while someone on the ground watching the train go by would give a different speed.

Speed is the ratio of space to time. If space and time are absolute, then the speed of light must be relative, depending upon the speed of the observer. The speed of light is absolute and does not depend upon the speed of the observer, therefore, either space or time must be relative. A more detailed algebraic calculation will show that both must be relative."

One more interesting information - Relativity of simultaneity

Ok... Let's come back to *my* version of Relativity of time. Dont mix this with Science, no relation at all. Anyway, not planning to drag the post. Shall try to put in writing only the nut-shell.

Chettan used to tell us, almost in all contexts, that everything is relative. Hmmm...so true! Happiness is relative, sadness too. Right-and-wrong also depends. Ya, anything and everything is relative, changes from person to person.

And time too.. It depends on the situations and our state of mind a lot. Right? If we are in need of time, time just flies off. And the same is the case when we are in a joyful mood.

And if we are in an emotionally-stressed condition, situation is just opposite. Hours and days are felt as never-ending. And if we are waiting for something, situation is worst. Days crawl like a snail. Then it is felt that, someone is pulling back time.. Each second seems to have a *life-time* life.

I know, you all know these facts. I just wanted to let you all know that I too approve this. And so, lets conclude ralativity holds, rather I conclude Time is relative, in both versions(Einsteinian and mine)

Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas.
Wishing you all a very happy new year...

Signing off,

PS 1: Moral of the story - Albert Einstein was a smart fellow.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It was great...

Last week I got an invitation card(entry pass) to attend the Family feast cum Alumni meet in my old school, where I studied till my 10th class. Was waiting for the day to come. And yesterday from morning itself, I was so thrilled..

But you know, in the evening before starting from home, I forgot to take the entry pass :( I was on the way, in bus, by the time this thing came to my mind.. What to do? Nothing!Anyway, I called amma and told the matter… She told “It’s your school..what’s the need to worry”.. Ya, It’s my school..lets see…I thought.

A small girl, standing beside me, smiled at me and asked - “we’ve an extra pass. Chechi, let me give that to you?” With pleasure I accepted the offer, but who’s she?

I: Ok..Thank you! But, you..?

Girl: Chechi, I remember you…our school leader..(nice girl ;) )

And the surprising thing is now she’s in 6th standard. And when I was in 10th, she was onlyin 1st standard. And she remembers me.. Good memory power!! :)

I was so punctual that I reached there at sharp 5.00 PM. A lot of new teachers…totally strange faces. But all the students greeted me - ‘hi Priya chechi’. Current PTA President came to me and had a welcome note. Had a warm welcome for all of us. The air was filled with a feel of nostalgia…

Almost all in our batch had come. Met my teachers too…had a long chat with them. Our whole gang was there – Sunitha, Somia, Rintu, Rosemol, Deepa, Saneesh, Vijith, Shyam …etc No much changes for anyone..I mean no behavioral changes. In looks….hmm…everyone has changed. All these girls looked so beautiful. And boys..some of them became a bit stylish.

Crowd was really big, more than what we all expected, might be because of the ‘announced magic show’. We were really fed up with the boring speeches. And so, took our seats in the extreme back and were not patient enough. We made a hell of noise.. With a furious look, current Head Mistress came roaring - “Children, keep a minimum standard. This is a school(=> this is not a market). Don’t disturb others.” (-in that ‘kanyasthree’ style of scolding-) She was right..and so we cleared the place with no delay. Sat in the garden/kids park for a long time having chit chats.

In between, we had food, walked along the corridors in school, sat in our old class rooms, went to chapel, prayed before the grotto…..had a dive in to the evergreen long lasting nostalgic memories of our school days.

By the way, Prof. P.C.Thomas was one among the guests. I’d a wish to talk with him. I asked all my friends to come with me. But they weren’t interested. Their response was – ‘Are you mad? He doesn’t know us’. Ya…It’s true. But, I know him, so what’s wrong in greeting him. I wasn’t ready to give up. Straight away I went to him and talked. He patted me on back and blessed. Really a respectable person!

Achan came to pick me up, so that he got a chance to meet his teacher, Prof. P.C.Thomas. Achan was his student in St.Thomas college. Actually, sir was about to leave. You know, as achan went near him, he hugged achan telling others ‘he was my pet student’(achan aalu kollamallo!). I’m proud of my achan :)

Had really a good time with all of them – with kutti kutti fights, photo session, gossips etc.. Teachers too were so happy to see all of us together. The function was really nice…well arranged. Reached home by 10.30 in the night.

One more thing.. Boys were asking us about our marriage.. Phew, it’s too early to ask such a question!!!

Current song: Ormmakkai iniyoru snehageetham…

Signing off,

PS 1: We all Nellayiyans planning to attack BSNL office soon(related with *PS* in the last post).

PS2: Sorry for the loong post. Never mind, since this is an entry coming after a long interval.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yet another resolution!!

Most of us have a habit of taking wonderful-incredible-impossible resolutions every new year day. But, I've one more occasion for having *such* resolutions.

You know, after each final exam(public/university), I take a resolution. I've been doing this for years from my school days itself. And what is the resolution -- "from today onwards I'll study my portions daily"(school level) and "I'll have a glance at my books atleast once before my next exam comes"(college level - a bit more advanced!!)

This time too I've taken this aged resolution :) It has become a part of my exams. And for your kind information, my last new year resolution was that I would never take another resolution :) How is it?

By the way, all my exams(except environmental studies) were sort of 'hard nuts to crack' :( One more paper remaining.

That's all for now.
Signing off,

PS: Most of the time, telephone is dead and net connection is down here in this locality because of road expansion. That's why I took a 1 month leave from blogger. Everytime when I plan to put up something here, BSNL acts a villain :(

Monday, October 6, 2008

Student Suvidha - latest trend!!!

BSNL Kerala has launched Student Suvidha, a special mobile pre-paid package for students during Onam.The Scheme offers low cost tariff for local calls and 2,000 free SMS facility to any netwrok within Kerala per month and only 10 paise will be charged per SMS beyond the limit.

It's a fact that Suvidha has created a wave among the students..that too a strong wave. Demand for Suvidha sim is sky rocketing each day. Many students are hurrying for this, since the stock is limited(they say). Soo..many friends of mine have changed to Suvidha plan.

For the past few years, BSNL-Cellone has been considered as inferior to other mobile connection providers. Many of us rated Cellone plans as worthless and fruitless. It seemed like a sort of indifference towards BSNL by all.. It's true that many of the tariffs are not so beneficial.

But BSNL has come back with all its power and colour. I'm sure all other providers will come along with many more offers like this!!! So, BSNL-Cellone proved to be the trend setter.

I'm wondering what's the need of this 2000 free messages!!! Actually, now it's a flow of forwarded messages. To be frank, I dont read all such messages. Message inbox is always full. Some of my friends also feel like this. So, the other side of the coin is...there are so many victims also for this scheme.


Signing off,

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's distressing..

She felt loneliness in the crowd. Gloominess and helplessness clouded in her eyes. Her tears didn't wet her cheeks, but have frozen her heart.

Her days remained dark... Paleness tinted her distant dreams. She never wanted to hurt her dear ones...

Language without words called out her pain. She didn't know what to do next..everything seemed vague!!! She was frightened by the silence around her.

Something was pricking her soo.. deeply and piercingly. She even doubted, "is life showing its cruel face to her!!!"

....."I love walking in the rain because then no one knows I'm crying".....

Nice quote... Right?

Signing off,

PS1: Read that quote in an SMS, I got yesterday and I loved it.
PS2: Do look the label given.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Golden memories...

Memories pouring down it's colourful flowers laiden with the fragrance of nostalgia..... Good old times they were!! Today, on the way back to home, a group of school students in the bus and their murmering noise woke up the nostalgic sentiments in me.. My school days!!!

I'd my schooling in a near by convent school -- St.Joseph E.M.H.S, Anandapuram till my 10th class. And had my higher secondary education in St.Antonys HSS, Pudukad(largest HSS in Kerala). All the way to home, I was thinking of my school days. I wish, I were a small kid going to school, wearing uniform, with shoes, water bottle, school bag.. by school bus. I miss even my 'Panchara kuda'.

I'm not able to recollect anything from my KG classes :). And regarding lower primary classes too, have only a blurred memory. It was in my 3rd standard Achan got transferred to Malappuram and Amma to Coimbatore. And so, from my 3rd to 8th class, I with my chettan were with our grandmother in achan's ancestral home. He was my achan, amma and everything during those days. It was he who did all the duties of amma, in her absence even making me ready to go to school.

In UP classes, I was so naughty(like all others). And once I had a fight with a boy at school and I won in that fight. After that incident, we were like born-enemies. I remember - once he wrote in my book -- I will kill you. :) And the interesting thing is I was so afraid of him after that and had many nightmares, that he killing me :) Like wise a lot of interesting and exciting memories.. Those were the days of innocence, with no secrets, confusions and humiliations. Wasn't a hardworker or a book worm. But, somehow managed to score marks that were 'not that bad' :)

Then comes the '3 rocking years' of high-school period. Can say it as the best period in my academic life. By that time, my parents too got transferred to Thrissur. So happy I was.. both at home and at school. My school and my batch were simply superb!! So friendly we were with our teachers..

Used to participate in almost all items in youthfestival. But haven't ever tested my talent in sports :) They were the days full of enjoyment, thrill and happiness. Our batch was really an excellent one...active in all fields. Good competetion was there in my class in the case of studies too. And in my 10th standard, I was elected as the school-leader and best out-going student of that year :)(close your mouth.. how's it?).

I'm so closely attached with that school ...that is the relation of 12 years!! I consider it as 'the best' school. I miss all kinds of naughtiness we've done there, the fights we'd, journey in our school-bus, our group prayer in Chapel, our teachers, friends,..... everything and everything.

After my 10th, joined in St.Antony's, Pudukad for 11th/12th standard. Nothing special to write about those 2 years....so boring they were :(

I'm dedicating this post to my friends who studied with me till my 10th class. Cant express how much I love my school and the affection we all have for our our school. I wish, I could study there once again ...

But, I know..Past is past..
Can't rewind time..
Life is the moment we're living right now..
so, once again bye for all those good old times..

Current song: Oru vattam koodi..

Signing off,

PS: Was it a lil lengthy one?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting and *informative* :)

I've to travel in bus around 23 kms to reach my college in the morning and the same distance back home in the evening. It's really interesting to watch what others do in the bus and to overhear their conversations. And thus, have seen and met a lot of interesting characters in bus. A few are:

1. Lets start from bus-conductors. Most of them are cool-decent. But there are some, having 'mania for flirting', who are soo.. curious to know about our acads!! Some of them even dare to ask our phone number(my own experience).

2. Boys who always keep on looking for *new* girls getting in to the bus and staring at them and sometimes, giving them a wink and flying kiss too ;)

3. Middle aged gentlemen standing near the back door of the crowded KSRTC buses, as if they are getting some *special* happiness from this act. We feel like, they've given someone a word to stand there.

4. Ladies quarrelling eachother for having seats. And some of them even request students - "We are soo... tired after the work. So, let me take your seat",....as if we aren't tired at all.

5. Ladies hesitating to offer their seats to pregnant ladies, aged people or so...

6. Men occupying ladies-seats, hesitating to give their seats when ladies get in.

7. Both ladies and gents arguing with conductor over silly issues.

8. Both boys ang girls who are always engaged with their mobile phones, mostly messaging.

9. Some who have fallen in deep sleep.

10. 'Conversation - overhearing' is more interesting in 'ladies-only' bus. Actually, it's so difficult to overhear what all they say...such a hell of noise they make after getting in to the bus!! But I enjoy travelling in ladies-only bus. Their topics of discussion ranges from gossips to *international* matters ;) The list includes fashion, film, actors, love affairs, teacher's nick names and all kinds of Payinkili stuffs.

11. And atlast, some interesting personalities like me who are keenly interested in observing others' mannerisms :)

Signing off,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A wild simile!!!

Do relationships fade with time?

Of course. Most of the relationships do fade with time...atleast I think so.

Warning: I'm having a habit of going for some insane thoughts at times... Are they insane? Hmm..no, its not!! Some of you might find it so.. not claiming anything. Anyway, one among those stupidity goes here. I mean to say, Danger ahead!!

Okay. Back to the title - a wild simile!! I was thinking how much similar our life relationships and stars appearing on the sky, over a single night. Life is just like a starry night and each of our relations can be compared to the stars. The intensity of relationships we have is just like the brightness of stars. It may fade with time and circumstances... Right??

Can't resist admitting the fact that many good relations do get faded as time flies off. In the journey of life, it just happens that way, unknowingly. But.... 'To forget is a bliss' holds true at times. Isn't that true?

We know some stars vanish from our view gradually, along with, some others appearing and becoming much brighter. These all exactly depicts the relations we come across our way.

A few stars remain dim all through, which reminds me of the acquaintances we have. On the other hand, a few others shine as dazzling diamonds through out the night, that resemble the relations that are soo.. close to us always. Those stars would be symbolising our family relations.

I'm doubtful how many of you get the idea that I want to convey here and how you interpret this!! Everything is clear in my intellect, but don't know how to unveil it.. :( This topic had been there in my mind for the past two weeks, but had no idea how to start with.

Song of the day: Kangal irandal - Really a lovely song!!!

Signing off,

PS 1: Courtesy for the song - Chettan.

PS 2: These all are my own views. There may be contradictions.. But my views are my views

PS 3: Am I going a bit crazy these days?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sailing for a new horizon...

The sunny sky is gradually ebbing as if it is at the edge of pouring down its tears and venting out its distresses.. It's becoming more cloudy...and clouds becoming darker!! Eagles hovering above in large circles creating shadows below... Blurrred brushes of lightning appearing here and there... Whistling sound of thunder storms becoming more terrific... Disturbed sea lets out its huge monstruous rising tides in an alarming way...which appears to be sooo scary...

And so.... sailing for a new horizon, enjoying the melody of solitude!!

Signing off,

PS: I'm just normal :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

'THE' Week..

I've realised that being a regular blogger is not so an easy job. Now it's becoming a trend to start a blog by everyone. But only a few of them show justice to the blogger world, I guess. I know, I'm also not so a good blogger in this aspect. Sometimes when I finally come up with any topic, don't feel like writing.. and if I'm in a mood to write, then comes the 'scarcity of topics', I mean topic for a good-creative-interesting read.

Today too I was thinking what to write. And finally decided to draft the coming along write-up...

The last one week seems like a very long week for me...full of emotions and events. Had both bright moments(frankly saying..not soo bright) and 'dull' depressed moments. Starting from last saturday itself, it was full of happenings.... Here comes its condensed brief..

1. Had both extremes of emotions on the very first day.

2. Had to hurt someone who valued me a lot.

3. And I feel really sorry for that...

4. I too was deeply hurt by *some* reasons(Dont want to disclose it).

5. Had to act/pretend before others that I'm ok.

6. Realised the fact that having control over emotions is not soo.. easy.

7. Thank God for making me a part of my home....sweet home and grateful to You for giving me this much loving parents and chettan.

8. Had extreme mood swings over silly matters... and now feel ashamed - how weak I'm at heart!!

9. Had a one day trip from our class to Silent valley, which I enjoyed well.

10.Had a lot many assignmets/works at college.

11.Hoping to have a happy bright onset to my final two years in college.

12.Wish to have "a total transformation"(Dont ask me what do I mean by this).

Ok..that's all for now.. Coming week will be really a hectic one. A lot of assignments at class, preparations for sessional exams, record works... And finally my cousin sister's marriage coming next week. Today is her ring exchange. Got to go there.

Current state: Transition
Current song: Poi solla koodaathu

Signing off,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yae!! I'm one year old...!!

I'm really so glad to let you all know that I'm completing one year here in the blogger world today, on June 21st. So, now I'm a one year old child, still a crawling one..I guess ;)

The one and only one who inspired me to start a blog was chettan.. It was his words which made the cool raindrops pour down.. To be frank, I was not so confident and interested enough in starting a blog, which I considered as a *very big thing*, since I was too ignorant in this field. I knew nothing regarding the blogger world, except the fact I'd used to read a few blogs.

I created a blogger id as per his advice and somehow reached here (where ?? :) ) With in this one year I could post 35 entries, not so bad, I guess. But, frankly saying, I'm not that satisfied with my blogging in last few months!!

My annual statistics:

Jun 07 - 2
Jul 07 - 5
Aug 07 - 4
Sep 07 - 4
Oct 07 - 3
Nov 07 - 3
Dec 07 - 3
Jan 08 - 3
Feb 08 - 2
Mar 08 - 3
Apr 08 - 0 --- shameful!!..right?
May 08 - 2
Jun 08 - 1

The graph doesn't show any progress at all.. It even hit the minimum level in April :( No matter.. Let bygones be bygones. Wish to be a more lively, potent writer in blogger. And I'm sure..I will be one. That's all for today..

Thak you all, who visited and expressed their views here.. and these flowers are for you..

Signing off,

PS 1: The post is dedicated to my chettan, who is the single reason behind this 'Cool raindrops'

PS 2: Giving a new look to my blog on first birthday itself.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Water on Mars.. They've proved it.


One more... Look, the circles are rotating.. A moving bicycle..

Looks nice.Doesn't it?

Signing off,

PS: Saw the 2 pics in some other blogs :) And seemed inetersting to upload it here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better late than never!!

One and a half months ago, Chettan had tagged me in his post Tagged :(. Thank you for tagging me, chetta.. Didn't show justice to the tag for so long.. 'Better late than never!!'. So, here it goes...

1. Last movie I saw in a theatre?

Annanthambi - starring Mammootty. Not up to the level of my expectations. May be because, that day I was not feeling so well.

2. What books am I reading?

- 'Varanasi' by M T Vasudevan Nair.
- 'India From Midnight To The Millenium And Beyond' by Shashi Tharoor. It seems a bit tough for me to complete it easily..:)

3. Favourite board game?

To be frank, no such favourite board games.. Can say, Snake and Ladder and Sudoku ;)

4. Favourite Magazine?

Don't have subscription of any magazines. Ready to read anyone.. None could be called as favourite one..

5. Favourite Smells?

The pleasing smell coming out from the kitchen when butter get melted in to ghee..

6. Favourite sounds?

Playing Violin or some other string instruments like Veena in the background... Then.... falling rain droplets on the leaves.

7. Worst feeling in the world?

Anger arousing seeing the irresponsibilty of others, hmmm.... many more in the list :)

8. First thing I think when I wake?

'Oops!! Why didn't I get up earler??'
Most probably my next thought will be about the dream I had in the sleep :)

9. Favourite fast food place?

Not really in a habit of having food from fast food hotels.. And to answer the question, I would like to say 'Mayas Hotel' in my home town, Nellayi, owned by the parents of a friend of mine :). And at times, the afore mentioned friend gives a 'home delivery' here.. :)

10.Future child's name?

Don't want to disclose it here.

11.Complete:"If I had a lot of money I'd...?"

I wish to go for a world tour. Would like to travel by a Space craft :).. Then I wish to own a big house, constructed in a traditional style with 'Naalukettu' and all.

12.Do I drive fast?

Yes. I Do drive fast in *my Benz* - BSA Ladybird.:) But when it comes to four wheeler, I don't drive that fast. Prefer a medium level of speed.

13.Do I sleep with a stuffed animal?

Never ever!!

14.Storms - cool or scary?


15.What was my first car?

Could it be called as 'my' first car? Anyway, first car at home was a Maruti - 800. And now we have an Esteem.

16.Favourite drink?

Bru Coffee.

17.Complete: "If I had the time I'd...?"

At present, no need of extra time for me. This is apt for me and I'm happy with it. Irrelevant question!!

18.Do you eat the stems of Brocoli?

No. I don't.

19.If I could dye my hair any color, what would be my choice?

Hmmm.. Not so interested in coloring hair. And if necessary, I would go for Burgundy.

20.Name all the different cities/towns I have lived in?

Nellayi(Thrissur).. Could it be called as a town/city!!! :P

21.Favorite sports to watch?


22.One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?

He has such a nice loving sister :)

23.What is under my bed?

Simply floor. Aaah..2-3 old mats, which have taken their place there years back.

24.Would I like to be born as myself again?

Yes, of course.

25.Morning person or night owl?

Till my 12th, I was a morning person. But now, I'm easily flexible.

26.Over easy, or sunny side up?

Not that over easy, even though I wish to be so.

27.Favourite place to relax?

Home..sweet home. And if asked in particular, beside amma.

28.Favourite pie?

Nothing.. Not used to have pie.

29.Favourite Ice cream flavour?

Vanila and Pista.

30.Of all the people I tag this to, who's most likely to respond first?

I'm tagging here everyone who reads this!! So, friends.. take it over, pass it over and have fun.
No guess.. who'll respond first.

Signing off,

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm back..

It has been soo.. long since I wrote my last entry. Really shameful..I think. Not because anything big or special happened these days. A lot of happenings did happen. Didn't feel like writing it anyway. Even today, I'm not in that mood to write anything interesting for you. But, have to show atleast a minimum justice to the blogger world...right??

As you know, from April 10th to 20th Chettan was at home. We all had a great Vishu this time. Celebrated it grandly with all my 'Changaathikoottam' friends here, having a lot of crackers and all. Not planning to write all the happenings passed during these days today itself :). Now I intend to scribble here only about a small trip I had on April 16th - Pooram day, with my friends from my place.

We set out for visiting Boothathaankettu, Idamalayar dam, Thattekaadu and Kodanadu in that pleasant morning. My brother too accompanied us. The trip was simply superb!! It was more like a trip from college, even with a gang of children ranging from 5 year old kid to 20 year old myself :). I didn't expect the trip to be this much 'adipoli'.

No matter where we went. But, how happily we spent each and every second..that's the thing matters. In our bus, we around 30 childern were there.First we went to 'Kodanadu', training centre for elephants. Saw a lot of elephants there, watched 'aana kuli' too :). On the way, had a halt at Kalady 'Sree Sankara Sthoopam', where Sree Sankara's life is depicted on its walls.

Our second destination was Boothathaankettu. The cool of boating we had there was really nice. Following that, we went for a walk in the forest for 3-4 Kms, along the side of a stream running down calmly. The journey was really adventurous and thrilling. Saw Boothathaankettu dam too.
As next, we left there for visiting Idamalayar dam. Sooo.. a lovely place it is!!..hills covered with green grass and green tinted water in the lake looked like a silk blanket over the land. From there, we had our lunch.

By afternoon, sky got clouded over and started pouring tears, as if in a great grief that our trip was going to have a finish. On the way back, made a short visit to Thattekadu bird sanctuary, where we couldn't see even one bird :) Return journey was really excellent, dancing and enjoying. By the bye, saw a notice, diplayed in the bird sanctuary. Even though a bit (??) late, anyone who is keenly intersted can contact the officials there :)

Actually, my brother didn't have a plan to come with us. His plan was to go for Thrissur pooram. Only on that morning, he changed his decision and came with us. Anyway, I'm sure he enjoyed well and is satisfied enough with what he got with us, which is even more than the thrill he would have had attending the pooram. On the other hand, we too are happy, for he made our trip more exciting and jolly.

I didn't intend to have such a long write up about this 'one day trip'!!. It just happened this way. Anyway, I shall let you all know other 'happenings' too in the following days. So, bye for now.

Signing off,

PS: I promise you all that I'll be a bit more regular in blogger from today. Oooh.. who is badly in need my promise!!! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A storm is on the way!!

As per the information available now, a devastating storm is getting formed in Calicut university examination center and it is on its way to attack we all, innocent students. Can't predict anything about its nature. Sometimes may be sooo violent with thunder, lightning and rainfall. Can it be cool raindrops?? :) Chances are rare..

Who all are going to be the victims of this wild wind?? Who all are going to be affected soo badly?? Who all survive this worst severe weather?? There is a chance of the suspected area being unaffected also. For our luck, sometimes it may leave without causing much havoc and destructions... Its all our fate!!

Weather forecasting center says that the storm will be in its full swing by March 25th and it lasts till April 8th. After that, it is going to be a pleasant climate till our next exam series :)

Yes.. our third semester exams are going to have a start on March 25th and end on April 8th. A very pleasing climate follows it.. The first 10 days will be soooo more colourful for me.. I'm sure about that..

My brother is coming home for this Vishu. I'm really excited, you know. Knew this happy news only yesterday. Never expected this!! The only thing is, he'll be here only for 10 days starting from April 10th. Now I'm waiting just to finish off all my exams and be with chettan and enjoy.. 22 days more for his arrival!!

Actually, this is going to be a Vishu with we all 4 at home, after a long gap of 5 yrs..

Signing off,

PS: An exam fever has started to storm me!! Anyway, all the best for my friends. Get prepared to face any adverse effects of the storm in the worst way.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's time to start again..

Study leave for our third semester exams starts tomorrow onwards, eventhough the dates have not been yet declared by the University. The rumour we heard is that exams commence on March 25th. God only knows!!

You know, how much Calicut university lags behind the other universities in conducting exams and publishing results. Phew!!! In all other Universities, students of our same batch are now waiting for the declaration of S4 exams.. As far as I know, in MG and CUSAT it has already been declared. And here, we waiting for dates of S3 exams.

Our S3 classes closed in the last week of November '07 and S4 classes commenced on Dec 3rd. And now it's March.. Oh, a long gap of 3 months!! Our condition is really pitiable.. pathetic.. Is it so?

Anyway, time to start again.. No idea from where to start and how to start.. Seems like an ocean.. Has to start from the scratch :( Fully blank abt the topics for exams!! I guess, I've forgotten to study. And so, as commencement, firstly I've to study - 'how to study'. And then only start studying.. Hmm.. that'll be better.

Signing off,

PS: All the best for all my friends who all are in the same state of mine - complete blankness :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008


"People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want''

Read this just now and it seemed interesting to be posted here.

Signing off,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cute little girl..

She is my neighbour, who is one and a half years old now. A daily visitor at my home. Her charming little face, wide open eyes, plumpy cheeks, and innocent smile make her the star of this locality.. A child with intolerably cute mannerisms.. So... energetic and lovely always.

She is so naughty and don't like to be there inside her home for a long. She just wants to loiter around .. And so, her grandpa is having really a hard time, taking her here and there. She has just started walking slowly. Daily from 5 to 7, she goes for an evening walk with grandpa..

Their first destination is 'Nellayi junction'. Goes there, watches and closely observes everything and everyone she could see there. On the way back, have chit-chats(?? - in an unknown language) with everyone who passes by. Next destination is the temple..

............................................."Miles and miles to go before I sleep".....................................

In the return journey passing infront of my home, she pulls her grandpa, directing him to my home. So, the next halting terminal is here. That old man is happy, since he could take rest, for a little time.. And the girl is much more happy.. That shrill voice created from her shoe signals us that she is coming. You know, what she does.. Goes around all the rooms, rambling in search of me calling 'akka'(chechi). Often I hide somewhere and make sounds to play with her and for making her running with great joy towards me..

She has started talking.. That too some words, not complete sentences. We know that she's saying something. But usually, we don't understand anything. Get a feeling of hearing some unfamiliar language. She's so font of making a mess everwhere. And so, pulls down everything she get in her hand, like books, paper, table cloth etc.. Makes attempt to climb over all the chairs, tables etc.. Soooo naughty she is!!! Somebody should be with her always.. otherwise..:)

Her favourite place in my home....

Whatever we do, she tries to imitate us. Keep on shrieking, informing others that 'I'm here'. Getting bored, she takes her shoe, sits near me and shows some actions ordering me to help her in putting it. After that, starts walking, pulling her grandpa's hands again calling out 'ttaa ttaa' with a naive smile on her face.

It's really so nice to watch her deeds. I love playing with her.

Signing off,

PS: Her name is Kavya.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I sympathise!!

It's so desparate that many parents are having over expectations regarding the future of their children. This might disturb the easy going life of many students. It's true that parents' expectations have powerful effects on children's academic performance. I agree with that. But some of them are pressurizing their children with over burden.

Today, what triggered me to write this, is the conversation, I had in the morning with my music teacher. She's so much worried about her son's future. The boy is now studying in 10th standard. It's a fact that he is not so bright in his acads, but not that bad, I guess.

That boy is a very good violinist and a good singer too, who has done many violin concerts on many stages. He participated in State Youth festival. The parents' main intention was to make him get an A-Grade in any one of the items, so that he'll be getting 30 marks additional in Board exam. And he managed to fulfill their dream.

That mother always tells him - 'study, study and study' and complains others about his studies, that too infront of him. How much he would get pricked!!! Another funny thing is that she asks me to advice him to study :)

Just now one more related instance came to my mind. It's about one among my cousin sisters, who is now studying in 9th standard. She was an energetic girl, who has now became a dispirited, calm and quiet girl.

Her parents are injecting her with those stuffs containing in quiz books and GK books. She's winning prizes too. It's some kind of spoonfeeding. Taking her to leadership development courses, abc quiz, xyz quiz, I dont know what kind of pleasure they are getting!!

She doesn't know how to mingle with others, totally in a socially inept condition. Always sitting inside the home, reading, studying or watching TV. I pity her. No... I pity her parents and feel sympathy for her. She doesn't know what she is missing/loosing. She's happy with her life inside that 4 walls. Parents have succeeded in convincing her - the whole student life is like 'this'

Many parents are like this. The whole happiness lies in their kid getting good marks and becoming school/class topper. And nothing more than that. It's good, I agree. But should try to find happiness in other matters too. They are not trying to know the potential of their children. They're not bothered about the strain taken by their dear ones. I agree that they're giving enough input. But it's something like pouring water in to a bottle, not knowing it's capacity, atleast in a few cases.

They are ready to do anything for the academical progress of their son/daughter. Not at all bothered about the growth of mind. Unknowingly, they are spoiling children's most enjoyable season of life, during which they should get enough freedom to play and run around like butterflies. And thus spoiling their future in one way or other.

Attention from parents' side is good, provided they realise children's abilities and potential . But beyond a limit, it wont do good.

I know, this is not a case with many families. Just thought of it and felt like writing.

Anyway, Thank God for giving me and my brother such wonderful parents.

Signing off,

PS.1: Sorry, that I made you read a little lenghty post (meant for only those who read completely).
PS.2: No hard feelings.. Didn't want to criticise/blame anyone.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The mystique of Makarajyothi continues....

While watching the live telecast of 'Makaravilakku' celebration at Sabarimala, I was really wondered to see the crowd there. Millions of pilgrims from far and wide are reaching there every year, only for witnessing the celestial light called 'Makarajyothi' appering on Makara Sankaranthi.

Staunch believers of Swamy Ayyappan believe that the jyothi appears miraculously for blessing the devotees. They believe that witnessing this light brings them good luck and divine blessings. I saw it appearing 3times in the forest, with a few seconds interval between each appearance.

A divine star is believed to appear on the sky, just before sighting Makarajyothi. The whole thing lasts for a maximum of 1 minute!! And for that, how many people, ranging from small kids to aged ones reach there!!

Another argument is that 'Makara Jyothi' is an artificial fire lit by Sabarimala officials and Devaswom board, for their monetary benefits. Are they cheating these all millions of devotees?? It is said that they are lighting camphor, taken in large quantity, inside the forest and lifting it thrice. And the most important thing is no Puranas have mentioned anything about this 'celestial miraculous Jyothi'. So, it should be true.. right?? What you all say about this?

Some others believe that the Jyothi is the Arati performed by the rishis and devas residing in the hills!!! Happened to see an article in 'Kalakaumudi'. Here is it..

Is this a reality or cheating?

Signing off,

PS: I'm not an atheist. No personal interests to hurt the feelings of believers.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Golden chance we got..

It's only after reaching the campus today morning, we decided to set out for attending Richard M Stallman's talk which was held at UC College, Alwaye.

After 2 hours journey from Thrissur, we, 10 of us from our class reached there at around 11.15 in the morning. By then the lecture had started. Though the auditorium was almost houseful, we managed to get seats in the last row.

The talk was on "Free software in ethics and in practice". For the next 2 hrs, we had an interesting, inspiring speech on Free software. To be frank, I had to strain a little to understand his 'katta' english, because his unfamiliar accent :( Didn't get him word by word. But he could convey all his views to each and everyone of us.

He started with the drawbacks of Microsoft Windows, obviously in a sarcastic manner. Then talked about the merits of free software, regarding copyleft, emacs and many other topics too. Told about 'how and why schools should act to popularise software freedom'. Also told that we could be proud since Kerala is far above all other states in India.

Photo taken by Bristo with his camera in mobile --

"GNU/Linux respects other's freedom"

"Reject proprietary software and insist free software"

"Dont let others to have control over our freedom/power"

The description about RMS I saw there:

he started the Free Software Foundation..
he started the GNU Project..
he wrote the GCC Compiler..
he wrote the GDB Debugger..
he wrote the emacs editor..
he is a philosopher..

After the formal meeting was over, we, with 7 of our super seniors, waited to meet him personally and to invite him to our great GEC. We had to wait there for some time. Ours was the only group of students who got the chance to talk with him, that too so friendly.

For our unfortunate, he said he would not be available to come over here in the whole year 2008. Anyway, we asked his contact details and he, with pleasure, gifted his card to one among us(Devidas) and left.

Really a thrilling and inspiring experience it was!!

From there we went to Alwaye town, walked around there in search of a good hotel :) and had food finally. After that, had a short visit to Merlin's uncle's house. After having some snacks from there, we started our return journey and reached home at 6.15 in the evening.

Signing off,

PS: An interesting thing which I noticed just now - My Chettan and RMS celebrate their birthdays on the same day - March 16 :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Have a Good Day.

For the last 3-4 years, I'm under a serious addiction. Day by day, I'm becoming a more adverse addict, I guess. I wish I could get out of this junkie. Actually I'm not an addict, but a fan of it.

Oh, forgot to tell you what make my taste buds get excited.. Here is it...

Please don't laugh..

Almost on all days, in the evening I wonder how much Good Day biscuits I took on the very same day. Even the small kids won't take this much, I guess. I know it's not so advisable a habit. But, can't help!!

Even the shopkeeper here in Nellayi(our dear near Sathyan chettan) always keeps aside a biscuit packet for me. Each and every time before opening the packet, I tell to my parents that I decided to cut short biscuit consumption. Then they ask "Why should you?" Even they are not discouraging me!!

Even though all the products of Britannia are my favourites, I'm an ardent fan of Good Day. I've tried a lot other brands too. But couldn't find a better one.

Now it has reached a stage that it's really hard to pass a day without Good Day. Is this really an addiction???

************Britannia Good Day ************
************* Tim Tim Ti Tim**************

Signing off,

PS: Dedicated to all those who love biscuits.