Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A storm is on the way!!

As per the information available now, a devastating storm is getting formed in Calicut university examination center and it is on its way to attack we all, innocent students. Can't predict anything about its nature. Sometimes may be sooo violent with thunder, lightning and rainfall. Can it be cool raindrops?? :) Chances are rare..

Who all are going to be the victims of this wild wind?? Who all are going to be affected soo badly?? Who all survive this worst severe weather?? There is a chance of the suspected area being unaffected also. For our luck, sometimes it may leave without causing much havoc and destructions... Its all our fate!!

Weather forecasting center says that the storm will be in its full swing by March 25th and it lasts till April 8th. After that, it is going to be a pleasant climate till our next exam series :)

Yes.. our third semester exams are going to have a start on March 25th and end on April 8th. A very pleasing climate follows it.. The first 10 days will be soooo more colourful for me.. I'm sure about that..

My brother is coming home for this Vishu. I'm really excited, you know. Knew this happy news only yesterday. Never expected this!! The only thing is, he'll be here only for 10 days starting from April 10th. Now I'm waiting just to finish off all my exams and be with chettan and enjoy.. 22 days more for his arrival!!

Actually, this is going to be a Vishu with we all 4 at home, after a long gap of 5 yrs..

Signing off,

PS: An exam fever has started to storm me!! Anyway, all the best for my friends. Get prepared to face any adverse effects of the storm in the worst way.


Anonymous said...

All the best.


Rohith alias Rayappan said...

hmmm........ no comments yet... Seems all are stuck with their books.. Well the storm will go off like a breeze.. for sure..

so hows ur prep goin on...? Hoping to see ur bro at college ..

Well my prep reached NOWHERE but dont know why, Im cooler than usual this time.. ( mayb teachers discouraged me by giving me full-session) Ive not yet got that 'that' to start seriously study for the examzzzz... can somebody suggest some good medicine..?

Anonymous said...

let the storm come and go... we will face it with no trouble... for responses from others on this topic visit the following link:

good luck dear comrade
and you too rayappa...
supplye kurich aalochichaal mathi padikaanulla mood varum

buzzing off

Devidas said...

linkinte attath ninnum re.html enna portion poyi
add it when u try accessing

The Lonely Backpacker said...

thankfully u told me :) ..

now i know the date when I should be there ...

ATB for exams...

p.s. Today I m graduating :D