Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's time to start again..

Study leave for our third semester exams starts tomorrow onwards, eventhough the dates have not been yet declared by the University. The rumour we heard is that exams commence on March 25th. God only knows!!

You know, how much Calicut university lags behind the other universities in conducting exams and publishing results. Phew!!! In all other Universities, students of our same batch are now waiting for the declaration of S4 exams.. As far as I know, in MG and CUSAT it has already been declared. And here, we waiting for dates of S3 exams.

Our S3 classes closed in the last week of November '07 and S4 classes commenced on Dec 3rd. And now it's March.. Oh, a long gap of 3 months!! Our condition is really pitiable.. pathetic.. Is it so?

Anyway, time to start again.. No idea from where to start and how to start.. Seems like an ocean.. Has to start from the scratch :( Fully blank abt the topics for exams!! I guess, I've forgotten to study. And so, as commencement, firstly I've to study - 'how to study'. And then only start studying.. Hmm.. that'll be better.

Signing off,

PS: All the best for all my friends who all are in the same state of mine - complete blankness :)


Anonymous said...

All the best..


Ruvi said...

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thanku said...

athentha complete blank???? janichappozhe anganeya???


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

she was born intelligent... I am sure about it..

May be education and some friends ruined her. Not sure about it. :)

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

its almost the same condition ( if only worse) .. Gettin goosebumps when I start to open my sylabus book ( the one used by everyone everytime )... really wat u said is very correct.. have to start to study " how to study"

Anonymous said...

MG results not yet released!!!!!!!!!. Lab Xams just over

നിവിലാന്‍ said...

and the dates r out.. god only knows now to when they plan to postpone it like last time.. took 3 months to complete 6 exams.. 2 a month... guess it gets better this time..

Devidas said...

sandeep eta..
bad bad
i'm offended on behalf of all her friends.

i guess there is nothing to worry abt the exams. after all if every year a batch passes out of here then i guess we are no different.
gud luck to u...
and all my friends here on blogosphere and campus

ps:remove word verification

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

didn't mean to hurt.
just thought of pulling him :)

Devidas said...

hi prep enganeyund??
hhow was our gec fm 90.9 nightout prgm...
well the response wasnt the same when we called brisow and sethu...
two arrogant slimeys..

Devidas said...

P.s: remove word verification

The Lonely Backpacker said...

S3 exams ???

kadavule kadavule !!!!