Sunday, July 6, 2008

'THE' Week..

I've realised that being a regular blogger is not so an easy job. Now it's becoming a trend to start a blog by everyone. But only a few of them show justice to the blogger world, I guess. I know, I'm also not so a good blogger in this aspect. Sometimes when I finally come up with any topic, don't feel like writing.. and if I'm in a mood to write, then comes the 'scarcity of topics', I mean topic for a good-creative-interesting read.

Today too I was thinking what to write. And finally decided to draft the coming along write-up...

The last one week seems like a very long week for me...full of emotions and events. Had both bright moments(frankly saying..not soo bright) and 'dull' depressed moments. Starting from last saturday itself, it was full of happenings.... Here comes its condensed brief..

1. Had both extremes of emotions on the very first day.

2. Had to hurt someone who valued me a lot.

3. And I feel really sorry for that...

4. I too was deeply hurt by *some* reasons(Dont want to disclose it).

5. Had to act/pretend before others that I'm ok.

6. Realised the fact that having control over emotions is not soo.. easy.

7. Thank God for making me a part of my home....sweet home and grateful to You for giving me this much loving parents and chettan.

8. Had extreme mood swings over silly matters... and now feel ashamed - how weak I'm at heart!!

9. Had a one day trip from our class to Silent valley, which I enjoyed well.

10.Had a lot many assignmets/works at college.

11.Hoping to have a happy bright onset to my final two years in college.

12.Wish to have "a total transformation"(Dont ask me what do I mean by this).

Ok..that's all for now.. Coming week will be really a hectic one. A lot of assignments at class, preparations for sessional exams, record works... And finally my cousin sister's marriage coming next week. Today is her ring exchange. Got to go there.

Current state: Transition
Current song: Poi solla koodaathu

Signing off,