Monday, October 6, 2008

Student Suvidha - latest trend!!!

BSNL Kerala has launched Student Suvidha, a special mobile pre-paid package for students during Onam.The Scheme offers low cost tariff for local calls and 2,000 free SMS facility to any netwrok within Kerala per month and only 10 paise will be charged per SMS beyond the limit.

It's a fact that Suvidha has created a wave among the students..that too a strong wave. Demand for Suvidha sim is sky rocketing each day. Many students are hurrying for this, since the stock is limited(they say). Soo..many friends of mine have changed to Suvidha plan.

For the past few years, BSNL-Cellone has been considered as inferior to other mobile connection providers. Many of us rated Cellone plans as worthless and fruitless. It seemed like a sort of indifference towards BSNL by all.. It's true that many of the tariffs are not so beneficial.

But BSNL has come back with all its power and colour. I'm sure all other providers will come along with many more offers like this!!! So, BSNL-Cellone proved to be the trend setter.

I'm wondering what's the need of this 2000 free messages!!! Actually, now it's a flow of forwarded messages. To be frank, I dont read all such messages. Message inbox is always full. Some of my friends also feel like this. So, the other side of the coin is...there are so many victims also for this scheme.


Signing off,