Friday, March 20, 2009

Hai, hello..

Hai,, here comes my *half-century-milestone* post.. :)

I'm scribbling here a genuine/vague/ambiguous/insane doubt(?)/thought crossed my mind while I was preparing for my University exam in Operating-system(OS) paper(topics - time/resource sharing, time division etc.), last week.

Will love ever get divided?

I know, you'll be laughing, atleast smiling. Isn't it so?

So-called *facts*:
Happiness doubles with sharing.
Sorrow reduces with sharing.

And what about love?? Ok. I agree, it's a different breed of cat.

Actually, happiness complements sadness...right? If we are happy, it implies that we are not gloomy. It is a direct implication. Their joint effort neutralizes our life, which is a journey with a lots of ups and downs.

Is hatred complement of love? When we love someone, does it mean that we hate someone else?

Or when we love someone more, does it mean our love for someone else has lessened?

My doubt is that, will the individual-share reduce with the increase in number of clients? :)

Or else, our heart should be having a never-ending back-up storage for love!

Ok, that's enough for today. No point in pondering on this...that's your choice. Anyway, I'm leaving. You may or may not leave. You go on having brain(if any) work on this. ;)


Dear readers, as a token of love and gratitude for bearing me upto this 50th post, I offer you all this bunch of flowers.

Signing off,