Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She's really beautiful!

She's looking really gorgeous. Is it not?

Oh...don't get confused. I was talking about that green tea-plantations in the background. :)

Last week, I had a trip to Munnar with Amma and Achan. Trip was really good. We were there for 2 nights and 3 days. Enjoyed a lot. Trip was simply superb!

To be frank, I don't like reading blogs explaining someone's trip to somewhere. I usually get bored reading such literary travelogues. So, I think it's better not to tax you, making you read the whole story "Trip to Munnar". Shall put some snaps taken from there. Let them speak....

On the way to Rajamala Hills

Boating in Old-Munnar Hydal Park

Fuzzy! Foggy! Hazy!

Munnar Church on Easter night

View from the Top-Station. see the Mountain foldings.

Green meadows...

..Ride on 'Lakshmi'..
The most wonderful experience I had during our trip.

Garden fresh yummy-yummy Carrots!

View from Mattupetti dam

..Photo Collage..
Lots of varities of flowers from the Old-Munnar Hydal park.

Soo.. nice the place is...so beautiful! I love that place. The greenery there, tea plantations, romantic climate [:)], foggy-misty mountains kissing the sky and everything and everything made our trip memorable.

Bye bye Munnar...

Signing off,