Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll miss you dear...

Yes...I'll miss her for sure. She has been my dearest friend for last 2-3 years. Everyday she comes my home to play with me. She likes to sing songs for me and to dance with my songs. We have quarelled too for silly matters. I enjoyed to the fullest, the time I spent with her. Mischievous glint flashing in her eyes made me happy always.

I am telling about our cute little angel Kavyakutti, my neighbour. I've told you about her here. She came here to her grandparents when she was only two months old. And, now she is three. Tomorrow she is leaving....with her parents.... to Dubai.

She will be leaving tomorrow early morning. And so, she had come here to say us 'tata bye bye'. Every night when she goes, she tells me 'tata bye bye..see you...good night' and finally a flying kiss too. Just like that, today also, she did the same. She told us that she's going to Dubai, though she doesn't know she's going away from us. Since I knew the fact, tears were rolling down from my eyes.

With sweet kisses and wishing her all the best in her life, I'm dedicating this post to our small litle angel.

Bye bye Kavyakutti....


Signing off,

PS: She always calls me Priyakutti.