Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting and *informative* :)

I've to travel in bus around 23 kms to reach my college in the morning and the same distance back home in the evening. It's really interesting to watch what others do in the bus and to overhear their conversations. And thus, have seen and met a lot of interesting characters in bus. A few are:

1. Lets start from bus-conductors. Most of them are cool-decent. But there are some, having 'mania for flirting', who are soo.. curious to know about our acads!! Some of them even dare to ask our phone number(my own experience).

2. Boys who always keep on looking for *new* girls getting in to the bus and staring at them and sometimes, giving them a wink and flying kiss too ;)

3. Middle aged gentlemen standing near the back door of the crowded KSRTC buses, as if they are getting some *special* happiness from this act. We feel like, they've given someone a word to stand there.

4. Ladies quarrelling eachother for having seats. And some of them even request students - "We are soo... tired after the work. So, let me take your seat", if we aren't tired at all.

5. Ladies hesitating to offer their seats to pregnant ladies, aged people or so...

6. Men occupying ladies-seats, hesitating to give their seats when ladies get in.

7. Both ladies and gents arguing with conductor over silly issues.

8. Both boys ang girls who are always engaged with their mobile phones, mostly messaging.

9. Some who have fallen in deep sleep.

10. 'Conversation - overhearing' is more interesting in 'ladies-only' bus. Actually, it's so difficult to overhear what all they say...such a hell of noise they make after getting in to the bus!! But I enjoy travelling in ladies-only bus. Their topics of discussion ranges from gossips to *international* matters ;) The list includes fashion, film, actors, love affairs, teacher's nick names and all kinds of Payinkili stuffs.

11. And atlast, some interesting personalities like me who are keenly interested in observing others' mannerisms :)

Signing off,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A wild simile!!!

Do relationships fade with time?

Of course. Most of the relationships do fade with time...atleast I think so.

Warning: I'm having a habit of going for some insane thoughts at times... Are they insane?, its not!! Some of you might find it so.. not claiming anything. Anyway, one among those stupidity goes here. I mean to say, Danger ahead!!

Okay. Back to the title - a wild simile!! I was thinking how much similar our life relationships and stars appearing on the sky, over a single night. Life is just like a starry night and each of our relations can be compared to the stars. The intensity of relationships we have is just like the brightness of stars. It may fade with time and circumstances... Right??

Can't resist admitting the fact that many good relations do get faded as time flies off. In the journey of life, it just happens that way, unknowingly. But.... 'To forget is a bliss' holds true at times. Isn't that true?

We know some stars vanish from our view gradually, along with, some others appearing and becoming much brighter. These all exactly depicts the relations we come across our way.

A few stars remain dim all through, which reminds me of the acquaintances we have. On the other hand, a few others shine as dazzling diamonds through out the night, that resemble the relations that are soo.. close to us always. Those stars would be symbolising our family relations.

I'm doubtful how many of you get the idea that I want to convey here and how you interpret this!! Everything is clear in my intellect, but don't know how to unveil it.. :( This topic had been there in my mind for the past two weeks, but had no idea how to start with.

Song of the day: Kangal irandal - Really a lovely song!!!

Signing off,

PS 1: Courtesy for the song - Chettan.

PS 2: These all are my own views. There may be contradictions.. But my views are my views

PS 3: Am I going a bit crazy these days?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sailing for a new horizon...

The sunny sky is gradually ebbing as if it is at the edge of pouring down its tears and venting out its distresses.. It's becoming more cloudy...and clouds becoming darker!! Eagles hovering above in large circles creating shadows below... Blurrred brushes of lightning appearing here and there... Whistling sound of thunder storms becoming more terrific... Disturbed sea lets out its huge monstruous rising tides in an alarming way...which appears to be sooo scary...

And so.... sailing for a new horizon, enjoying the melody of solitude!!

Signing off,

PS: I'm just normal :)