Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting and *informative* :)

I've to travel in bus around 23 kms to reach my college in the morning and the same distance back home in the evening. It's really interesting to watch what others do in the bus and to overhear their conversations. And thus, have seen and met a lot of interesting characters in bus. A few are:

1. Lets start from bus-conductors. Most of them are cool-decent. But there are some, having 'mania for flirting', who are soo.. curious to know about our acads!! Some of them even dare to ask our phone number(my own experience).

2. Boys who always keep on looking for *new* girls getting in to the bus and staring at them and sometimes, giving them a wink and flying kiss too ;)

3. Middle aged gentlemen standing near the back door of the crowded KSRTC buses, as if they are getting some *special* happiness from this act. We feel like, they've given someone a word to stand there.

4. Ladies quarrelling eachother for having seats. And some of them even request students - "We are soo... tired after the work. So, let me take your seat", if we aren't tired at all.

5. Ladies hesitating to offer their seats to pregnant ladies, aged people or so...

6. Men occupying ladies-seats, hesitating to give their seats when ladies get in.

7. Both ladies and gents arguing with conductor over silly issues.

8. Both boys ang girls who are always engaged with their mobile phones, mostly messaging.

9. Some who have fallen in deep sleep.

10. 'Conversation - overhearing' is more interesting in 'ladies-only' bus. Actually, it's so difficult to overhear what all they say...such a hell of noise they make after getting in to the bus!! But I enjoy travelling in ladies-only bus. Their topics of discussion ranges from gossips to *international* matters ;) The list includes fashion, film, actors, love affairs, teacher's nick names and all kinds of Payinkili stuffs.

11. And atlast, some interesting personalities like me who are keenly interested in observing others' mannerisms :)

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RoHiT 'Z' CoOl said...

keen observer you are.. I've been regularly travelling in buses for the last 8 years.. never did I observe so keenly.. Im always lost in my own world.. esp these days

:) and yeah its interesting to know what all goes on inside a ladies only bus :))

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Do you have a bit of feministic thoughts?

Devidas said...

thats so mean to have put up 5 out of the 11 directly accusing men.
its about the outlook of women who enter a bus that needs a change. they are so cautious and alarmed all the time that a casual glance from from the back of the bus seems equivalent to flirting or gazing.
And in the KSRTC buses you are speaking of the situation is quite usual that the crowd is on the verge of bursting out and hence many of the senior citizens, are pushed towards the center of the buses by the younger generation who often likes to travel on the foot-board.
conductors flirt only when there are girls who respond to it. I myself have seen numerous cases where girls smile in response of silly jokes by the conductor( two palms are needed for a clap!)
Boys looking at girls is just the nature is. and thus it shouldn't be categorized into the wrong doers list.Ith theerchayaayum one-sided alla!
most of the men occupying ladies seats get up when a lady comes, but I have had an experience where in my grandmother had to travel the whole 11km distance from Thrissur town to Pattikad, as none of the young, vigilant, cautious ladies showed the minimum courtesy of getting up and providing seat for the senior citizen( she was 83 then!).

Anonymous said...

"6. Men occupying ladies-seats, hesitating to give their seats when ladies get in."

Haven't ya seen vice versa !. that is women occupying men's seat and hesitate to give their seats when men get in :)

ur frnd

Anonymous said...

Conversation overhearing is the best thing..

Particularly if there is a drunkard -( he doesn't need a listener to conversate.).


Bristow said...

I wanna ask u d same question that Sandeepetan asked...

And it's interesting to hear the happenings inside a ladies only bus...;)

I tell you one thing, don't think the same about all men. And I agree that some guys are there as you said...

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Hmmm... :)

Actually this could be considered as a reply to Devidas !! :)

In my opinion, there are only two out of eleven in which she blames the male community.

number 3) The "special" happiness thing. -- Which is a fact. There are some pretty nasty male individuals who take advantage of the crowd. There are the cases where they are pushed backwards. But there are loooooooot of deliberate acts too.

6) Ladies seat issue - Well this is why I asked about the "feminism". If one considers men and women to be equals, then a reservation is not necessary. So, if hailstone is a feminist, then she shouldn't have said that.

And in Kerala, there are only ladies-seats. There is no men's seat. A lady can sit anywhere. But a man cannot seat in ladies' seats. :( [Poor men!]

The rest of the points, in my opinion, are just observations. There was no accusations. But this has to be clarified by hailstone.

Now Over hearing -- isn't it a bad thing? ;)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Well, none the gentlemen too did offer a seat to Grandma.

So, men don't really deserve to blame them! :)

Well... I am no man/woman hater. Just telling what I felt

Devidas said...

forgot to put up that my granma entered from the ladies entrance( front door in private bus).
as sandeepetan pointed out, there aren't any seats in the buses for men as of now, while ladies enjoy the reservation of seats for 'em.
there is feminism and one sided views depicted in the post, that which, in my "personal" opinion should be clearly understood by all women reading this.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

All the same, I am of the opinion that men and women are equal.. but Men need to show chivalry too.. (let it be in the form of reserved seats -- when in bus)

Hailstone said...
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Hailstone said...
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Hailstone said...
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Hailstone said...

@ all,

:)) Never expected that the blog entry would take such a turn...Anyway, interesting :)

First of all let me tell you - *I'm not a feminist*. Just wrote what all came to my mind first, after deciding the topic to be written. It wasn't a puposeful or intended accusation against men. But it turned out to be so....might be because, I'm observing all these from a girl's point of view. Can't help!! Even I didn't notice how many points against men and how many against women.
Pinne, I've told - these are 'some of the interesting characters'...many more are there. If I were a boy, I would've seen *some other* 'interesting' ones.

What all I've written here are just bluff!!! Pinne, 'arguments for the sake of arguments'...hmmm....Ok. You are free to express your views here. I'm also free to express my views.

What all I write here are purely *my own* views. I'm not claiming anything.. Vere aarum athu sari vachu kollanamennu yathoru nirbhandhavum, thaatparyavum illya..

Hailstone said...


@ Rohit,

@ Chettan,

No feministic thoughts!! Ezhuthi vannapol anagneyokke aayi poyennu mathram :) Hope the above explanation is enough for you.

@ Devidas,
5 out of 11 directly accusiing men!! -- a good observer you are!!

Yes, we are cautious and alarmed all the time, because of *our society*. It tells everything... No more explanation needed, I guess..

And abt conductors -- I've clearly written there- most of them are decent. But there are exceptions. I mean it...THERE ARE.

"conductors flirt *only* when there are girls who respond to it." -- I strongly protest here. There are girls who laughh out hearing the low/sub standard jokes by conductors. I too've seen them. But, I'm not a member of that category(any doubt for you?). And I've had such experiences from conductors.

"Boys looking at girls is just the nature is." -- Yea.. I agree with that. As far as I'm concerned, flirting 'with in a certain limit' is not at all an APARAADHAM. Where did I categorize it into the wrong doers??

And about ladies hesitatiing to offer their seats, I've mentioned in point no.5

Njan ivide aareyum adachaakshepikkunilla... Male communityil ellavarum anagneyaanennu njan paranjillallo!! rasakaramaaya chila kadhapathrangale ormma vannu..ezhuthi.. Thts all.. Nothing more..

@ My frnd,

Ente suhruthe, No special reserved seats for men in bus.. Seats are reserved only for ladies, blind, senior citizens and physically-disabled....all others general seats!! So.. no relevance for your point :(

Hailstone said...

@ Bristow,

I don't think same about all men.. Angane yathooru thettidhaaranayum illya mashe.. Some are there...athraye njanum paranjulloo...

@ Chettan,

:) Yes.. everything clarified by now!!

Pinne onemore thing... Well done chetta, well done!!

@ Devidas,

Again telling... no feminism

Anonymous said...



RoHiT 'Z' CoOl said...

@ helloo... ivide enda oru balaham... alla bahalam... ?

"....Pinne, I've told - these are 'some of the interesting characters'...many more are there. If I were a boy, I would've seen *some other* 'interesting' ones.. "

COOOOOL..... I bet you can't think of one single thing which we think

(no more fights pleasee..! )

Ramakrishnan said...

SO whats the moral of this story

the only thing is


Devidas said...

vaayikkaanum thallu koodaannum enthengilum postiykku sakhaave...

The Talkative Man said...

I got here on a google search for Good Day Biscuits..eating them for 22 years now :)