Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reign Of Reality Shows.

Yes, the trend has changed. Reality shows have conquered all the TV channels. Is this scenario a new face of change? New face of trend? And how long will this trend last?

Years back, Madhu Mohan was the trend setter, who revolutionised Malayalm television programmes with his non-stop-entertainer-mega serials. Hmm..hh..giga serials. Actually, he was an all rounder in his serials with 'kadha, thirakhadha, sambhashanam, samvidhanam and abhinayam'. How gifted a person he is! ;)

Then comes the golden age of reality shows. Even though it hasn't marked the fall of 'kanneer serials', there came a sharing of dominancy. Mega serials are now advancing with a variety of devotional mega serials - Sree Guruvayoorappan, Alphonsamma etc.

But, I think reality shows are a bit more advanced in the case of varities they are having! Shows in dance, music(with and without performance), cookery, etc..and lots and lots of varieties(actually, I dont remember other varieties). I'm not a regular viewer of these TV programmes, but have seen its ads many a time...even that is enough and more for me.

I'm wondering why all these parents and children giving this much importance to these nonsense(personal opinion). I pity for those who are spoiling their precious time, money, and education running behind these shows(again per. opinion).

I agree, it's a stage for many gifted ones to show their talents before us. But actually,hmm... I dont know what to has crossed the limits. I'm bored of these TV reality shows. I hate watching them.. I'm sure, atleast a few of you will be having the same view as of mine.

You know, now the most common words among us(generally) are sangathi, chemistry, elimination round, In/Out, energy, pitch etc. Is it not true? Even KG students are familiar with all these words.

Streams of tear gushing from viewers', participants', judges', anchors' eyes(elimination round-danger zone scenes with deep-sad music and black&white background)) is the worst thing. It's really pathetic. It seems to me that, emotional scenes are more in reality shows than in 'kanneer serials'. And, in many channels, presentation by some anchors are terrible and horrible.

I think...other TV programmes(malayalam channels) are also not exception. I've a lot more to tell you, regarding these TV programmes.(...a kind of frustration...?) But, this is enough, I guess.

Signing off,

Off topic: Did you know that it is impossible to sneeze keeping your eyes open? Try it! ;)

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