Monday, March 1, 2010

Hi everyone...:)

Coming here after a long 2 months gap. Yes, I had a long winter break :). So, this should be a break from a break, right? So, I'm going to colourise this post with some photos taken today evening.

BTW, today we had a fantastic Holi celebration in our college.. That too was soo.. colourful. We all enjoyed very much...our last Holi celebration in GEC, Thrissur :(

Today after coming from college, I had an evening walk with my camera. These are some of the photos taken...

Way to puzha...

Sarppagandhi flower
See those small flowers. They look like the hood of snake. Aren't they?

Beautiful puzha

Hot hot Sun

It's just dry..dry..dry

This is my Nellayi. Isn't she beautiful?

See you all soon,
Signing off,