Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cute little girl..

She is my neighbour, who is one and a half years old now. A daily visitor at my home. Her charming little face, wide open eyes, plumpy cheeks, and innocent smile make her the star of this locality.. A child with intolerably cute mannerisms.. So... energetic and lovely always.

She is so naughty and don't like to be there inside her home for a long. She just wants to loiter around .. And so, her grandpa is having really a hard time, taking her here and there. She has just started walking slowly. Daily from 5 to 7, she goes for an evening walk with grandpa..

Their first destination is 'Nellayi junction'. Goes there, watches and closely observes everything and everyone she could see there. On the way back, have chit-chats(?? - in an unknown language) with everyone who passes by. Next destination is the temple..

............................................."Miles and miles to go before I sleep".....................................

In the return journey passing infront of my home, she pulls her grandpa, directing him to my home. So, the next halting terminal is here. That old man is happy, since he could take rest, for a little time.. And the girl is much more happy.. That shrill voice created from her shoe signals us that she is coming. You know, what she does.. Goes around all the rooms, rambling in search of me calling 'akka'(chechi). Often I hide somewhere and make sounds to play with her and for making her running with great joy towards me..

She has started talking.. That too some words, not complete sentences. We know that she's saying something. But usually, we don't understand anything. Get a feeling of hearing some unfamiliar language. She's so font of making a mess everwhere. And so, pulls down everything she get in her hand, like books, paper, table cloth etc.. Makes attempt to climb over all the chairs, tables etc.. Soooo naughty she is!!! Somebody should be with her always.. otherwise..:)

Her favourite place in my home....

Whatever we do, she tries to imitate us. Keep on shrieking, informing others that 'I'm here'. Getting bored, she takes her shoe, sits near me and shows some actions ordering me to help her in putting it. After that, starts walking, pulling her grandpa's hands again calling out 'ttaa ttaa' with a naive smile on her face.

It's really so nice to watch her deeds. I love playing with her.

Signing off,

PS: Her name is Kavya.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I sympathise!!

It's so desparate that many parents are having over expectations regarding the future of their children. This might disturb the easy going life of many students. It's true that parents' expectations have powerful effects on children's academic performance. I agree with that. But some of them are pressurizing their children with over burden.

Today, what triggered me to write this, is the conversation, I had in the morning with my music teacher. She's so much worried about her son's future. The boy is now studying in 10th standard. It's a fact that he is not so bright in his acads, but not that bad, I guess.

That boy is a very good violinist and a good singer too, who has done many violin concerts on many stages. He participated in State Youth festival. The parents' main intention was to make him get an A-Grade in any one of the items, so that he'll be getting 30 marks additional in Board exam. And he managed to fulfill their dream.

That mother always tells him - 'study, study and study' and complains others about his studies, that too infront of him. How much he would get pricked!!! Another funny thing is that she asks me to advice him to study :)

Just now one more related instance came to my mind. It's about one among my cousin sisters, who is now studying in 9th standard. She was an energetic girl, who has now became a dispirited, calm and quiet girl.

Her parents are injecting her with those stuffs containing in quiz books and GK books. She's winning prizes too. It's some kind of spoonfeeding. Taking her to leadership development courses, abc quiz, xyz quiz, I dont know what kind of pleasure they are getting!!

She doesn't know how to mingle with others, totally in a socially inept condition. Always sitting inside the home, reading, studying or watching TV. I pity her. No... I pity her parents and feel sympathy for her. She doesn't know what she is missing/loosing. She's happy with her life inside that 4 walls. Parents have succeeded in convincing her - the whole student life is like 'this'

Many parents are like this. The whole happiness lies in their kid getting good marks and becoming school/class topper. And nothing more than that. It's good, I agree. But should try to find happiness in other matters too. They are not trying to know the potential of their children. They're not bothered about the strain taken by their dear ones. I agree that they're giving enough input. But it's something like pouring water in to a bottle, not knowing it's capacity, atleast in a few cases.

They are ready to do anything for the academical progress of their son/daughter. Not at all bothered about the growth of mind. Unknowingly, they are spoiling children's most enjoyable season of life, during which they should get enough freedom to play and run around like butterflies. And thus spoiling their future in one way or other.

Attention from parents' side is good, provided they realise children's abilities and potential . But beyond a limit, it wont do good.

I know, this is not a case with many families. Just thought of it and felt like writing.

Anyway, Thank God for giving me and my brother such wonderful parents.

Signing off,

PS.1: Sorry, that I made you read a little lenghty post (meant for only those who read completely).
PS.2: No hard feelings.. Didn't want to criticise/blame anyone.