Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cute little girl..

She is my neighbour, who is one and a half years old now. A daily visitor at my home. Her charming little face, wide open eyes, plumpy cheeks, and innocent smile make her the star of this locality.. A child with intolerably cute mannerisms.. So... energetic and lovely always.

She is so naughty and don't like to be there inside her home for a long. She just wants to loiter around .. And so, her grandpa is having really a hard time, taking her here and there. She has just started walking slowly. Daily from 5 to 7, she goes for an evening walk with grandpa..

Their first destination is 'Nellayi junction'. Goes there, watches and closely observes everything and everyone she could see there. On the way back, have chit-chats(?? - in an unknown language) with everyone who passes by. Next destination is the temple..

............................................."Miles and miles to go before I sleep".....................................

In the return journey passing infront of my home, she pulls her grandpa, directing him to my home. So, the next halting terminal is here. That old man is happy, since he could take rest, for a little time.. And the girl is much more happy.. That shrill voice created from her shoe signals us that she is coming. You know, what she does.. Goes around all the rooms, rambling in search of me calling 'akka'(chechi). Often I hide somewhere and make sounds to play with her and for making her running with great joy towards me..

She has started talking.. That too some words, not complete sentences. We know that she's saying something. But usually, we don't understand anything. Get a feeling of hearing some unfamiliar language. She's so font of making a mess everwhere. And so, pulls down everything she get in her hand, like books, paper, table cloth etc.. Makes attempt to climb over all the chairs, tables etc.. Soooo naughty she is!!! Somebody should be with her always.. otherwise..:)

Her favourite place in my home....

Whatever we do, she tries to imitate us. Keep on shrieking, informing others that 'I'm here'. Getting bored, she takes her shoe, sits near me and shows some actions ordering me to help her in putting it. After that, starts walking, pulling her grandpa's hands again calling out 'ttaa ttaa' with a naive smile on her face.

It's really so nice to watch her deeds. I love playing with her.

Signing off,

PS: Her name is Kavya.


Anonymous said...

Yes, really a cute little girl.
Next Computer Engineer from Nellayi!!

A regular reader of yr blog (though
comment cheyyarillenkilum)

primofacto said...

Commendable post dear Nellai, beautiful pics... simple, but appreciable presentation of that cute child...:) May be, she 'll be the next one to GEC from the 'great' Nellai...
It's really wonderful to watch small kid's activities...

ej said...

guess u're expressing something like a nostalgic feeling or something... wanting to go back to the past, where all this assignments and test didn't exist and the sheer pleasure of roaming around being everyones pet?

tell us, is it a recollection of ya childhood? :P

Anonymous said...

Cute girl.. :)


Hailstone said...

@ Anon,

Be a regular reader :)

@ Primofacto,
What do you think of Nellayiyans?? She's only 2 yrs now. So how could she be the NEXT ONE to GEC. How many of other nellayiyans are going to be there before her.. :)

@ EJ,
I din't even think of it, Nivil. And during my childhood, didnt have a grandpa like this and parents were busy with their works. And so couldn't have a DAILY eve. walk.
Anganeyokkeyaanenkilum,, Ippozhathe pole thanne, annum I was everone's pet, you know. :P

Devidas said...

i still have the foto with this cute gal in my on line album... truly she's really lovable..

i guess as bristow rightly said, she would be the next GECian from nellayi...

hope the transportation facility improves by then!!
{just kidding!!)

PS2: remove the word verification.

primofacto said...

I wrote so because, nobody takes such tedious efforts like hanging in kattuvalli early in the morning to reach the college and such a return journey too... anyway as Devi said, we hope the transportation facilities 'll improve by then...:)

Devidas said...

hi hi hi....

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

hailstone,.. cool entry..
well u are almost like this cutie baby even now.. roaming around everywhere, climbing rocks n trees in the vicinity, making a hell lotta noise in the class that Maths Sir picks u everytime,..

@ primofacto
ya by 2020 , nellayi town's sweet memories would be there on a board near the NH-47 8 lane expressway saying "WELCOME to NELLAYI " and after a km "THANK YOU "