Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My mind says...

You might be having an anxiety to know what my mind says...Nothing serious. It says 'just scribble down something here'.

Have not been writing for the last two weeks. So now I feel like writing. But nothing is ripen enough in my mind to be wrtten over here. Anyway, I'm starting with the 'highlights(??) of my last week'. Even though many of those 'highlights' seems silly for you, they all are HAPPENINGS to me.

1. Had a few classes in college. Two of our teachers say that their portions are over and so they are not coming to class these days. Another teacher got a fracture in her arm/leg (not sure :)) and so she's taking rest at her home.

2. Even though we're having frequent mass bunk in college, we take care to attend PCE classes regularly. But this week, we'd to bunk IC class due to an unusual, unexpected incident.

3. With friends, went for watching the latest hit malayalam movie - Chocolate. Movie is just ok.. An average movie. Not soo.. good. Most of my friends disagree with me in this case.

4. Managed to get some virus in to my system. Installed McAfee.

5. Had grand Navarathri celebrations. Kept all my books for pooja officially :) . On Vidyarambham, joined for violin class. Was in a great dilemma - should I continue my music class, which I dropped 4/5 years back or should I join fresh for violin class. Having expert opinion from chettan, finally decided to study violin. Don't know how frequently I'll be able to attend the class :(

Two of my changaathikoottam friends had their arangettam on the very same day. One in chendda ant the other one in classical music.

6. We are planning to go for an excursion from my class to Kodaikanal and Hogenakkal during next week. Every arrangements are almost finished.

7. This is the most unusual, unexpected incident that happened to me last week. It was on sunday. In the very morning itself, I got a very bad news that one of my friend's elder brother got expired in the previous night.

Nothing more...

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

After 1 year....

I joined for B.Tech course in GEC on 9th Oct. 2006. One year back, college life seemed to be a strange thing to me. Now, it has changed a lot. Today, we had a small celebration as our first anniversary day in CSE, GEC.

Photo session in front of our department:

I can't even believe that it has been one year since we are together.

Literally time is flying.

Nothing BIG happened in my life this one year. Definitely, changes are there...

First of all, changes at home.... One year back, my parents and myself were too busy. My mother was working in bank and reached home almost on all days at 7.00 pm. And father was working away and was not used to come home daily. Those days were really bad.

During those days I was alone in my home almost at all time. Coming back from school, had to open the front door of house(-the thing which I hated the most-), remain a lot of time alone. Had to make tea and all for helping amma, who used to come much more tired after her work.

Since achan was not here, it was my duty to lock the gate in the night and open it in the morning. It's another thing which I used to hate a lot.

But now everything has changed. Amma opted for voluntary retirement and now she is enjoying her life. I'm also enjoying her holidays. Even though I come late in the evening, I'm not unhappy. I don't have the duty to open the door. Amma would be there waiting for me, ready with tea or what ever I want. She would be ready to hear all my college events. She has enough time to spend for me.

Achan got a transfer and so he can join us on all days, even though he reaches here only by 8 in the night. Really happy about these all things. The only thing missing here is the presence of chettan.

As of now, the only duty assigned to me at home is to study (which I'm not doing well:))
I don't think that I've improved a lot in my acads this year. But I have to... Could manage to get admission in great GEC. Got a lot of good friends there. I'm sure that I haven't done 1st year exams well. Should compensate for that atleast in the coming year.
As far as I'm concerned, no big changes happened to me both physically and mentally, this year.. I'm the same old Priya, whom you all know well. As good as before.(?? -- it's you who have to say that :))

Anything big happened in your life in the last year?? I know, for many of you Oct.9th might not be relevant at all.

That's all for today.

Signing off,

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Compsciz rocks.

This post is dedicated to all my classmates who worked a lot for the success of the event
After a long interval of 5 years department witnessed a grand fresher's day celebration yesterday. Last year, we didn't get a fresher's day party. All our disappointments over that was compensated by us giving a fabulous, colourful party to our juniors.

On Sep.13th, our juniors came and we became SENIORS. For the last 2 weeks we all have been thinking about how to give them a fresher's day feast in a grand manner. Atlast, yesterday we made it a thumbing success.

We divided the whole junior class into 3 groups. The full programme consisted of many contests and games among these groups. Each group had 4 members from our class too so that they could motivate others to take part in all items and thus to take away their shyness. We were really successful in that attempt.

The names of our rounds were also interesting - Moke & Make, Silver Screen, Symphony, Add Zap and finally Face Off. In silver screen they had to enact some comedy scenes from Meleparambil aanveedu and Inharihar nagar. It was really interesting.

In between, we had filler programmes from our class too. Eatables were also served. Audience were the judges, who had been given with the score sheets to mark scores for each group.

College union leaders were very much impressed seeing our programme list. They all enjoyed the programme, I guess. No way for disliking it.

I'm really proud to be in such a wonderful class of students who are ready to do anything for the class, under the able leadership of our class representative - Sailesh.

Myself and Devidas were the anchors. He was excellent. Each and everyone of our class did a very good job yesterday. We all worked hand in hand for it's success. So much happy that I too was a part of it.

All in all, "S3 Compsciz rocked the day".

Our advice to juniors/our moto is G E C - go enjoy campus.

Signing off,

PS.1: This year, we are the first department in the college to conduct fresher's day celebration.

PS.2: Actually I wish I could mention the names of all my friends here. But then the post will be so long. Hence I'm not doing that.