Tuesday, October 9, 2007

After 1 year....

I joined for B.Tech course in GEC on 9th Oct. 2006. One year back, college life seemed to be a strange thing to me. Now, it has changed a lot. Today, we had a small celebration as our first anniversary day in CSE, GEC.

Photo session in front of our department:

I can't even believe that it has been one year since we are together.

Literally time is flying.

Nothing BIG happened in my life this one year. Definitely, changes are there...

First of all, changes at home.... One year back, my parents and myself were too busy. My mother was working in bank and reached home almost on all days at 7.00 pm. And father was working away and was not used to come home daily. Those days were really bad.

During those days I was alone in my home almost at all time. Coming back from school, had to open the front door of house(-the thing which I hated the most-), remain a lot of time alone. Had to make tea and all for helping amma, who used to come much more tired after her work.

Since achan was not here, it was my duty to lock the gate in the night and open it in the morning. It's another thing which I used to hate a lot.

But now everything has changed. Amma opted for voluntary retirement and now she is enjoying her life. I'm also enjoying her holidays. Even though I come late in the evening, I'm not unhappy. I don't have the duty to open the door. Amma would be there waiting for me, ready with tea or what ever I want. She would be ready to hear all my college events. She has enough time to spend for me.

Achan got a transfer and so he can join us on all days, even though he reaches here only by 8 in the night. Really happy about these all things. The only thing missing here is the presence of chettan.

As of now, the only duty assigned to me at home is to study (which I'm not doing well:))
I don't think that I've improved a lot in my acads this year. But I have to... Could manage to get admission in great GEC. Got a lot of good friends there. I'm sure that I haven't done 1st year exams well. Should compensate for that atleast in the coming year.
As far as I'm concerned, no big changes happened to me both physically and mentally, this year.. I'm the same old Priya, whom you all know well. As good as before.(?? -- it's you who have to say that :))

Anything big happened in your life in the last year?? I know, for many of you Oct.9th might not be relevant at all.

That's all for today.

Signing off,


Sandeep said...


it's already one year...

Black is beautiful said...

Lots of things happened to me in the past one year :)

couldnt visit your blog as I am damn busy here.. will do when time permits..

Anonymous said...

great post there

yes literally time flies off, may be too fast
it was indeed extremely eventful some enjoyable and some painful
but you really got accept these as the part of your life

studying in such a college helps you meet a lot of people and do help you accumulate a great treasure called experience

learn to know others and appreciate their views and ideals

thats what i have learned while being with all you wonderful pals
life's just great here


Hiran said...

very nice of you to see back the last 1 year and analyze what you have done, successfully or failed to. But only if it brings in a sense of inspiration for the next year ahead. It need not be the new year time. Anytime during the year is good enough.

And oh my god!! its already one year. 3 more and you will be an `Engineer'. :-)

Devidas said...

Quite a touching article. I guess joining college has certainily strengthened your bond with parents now that you can find them anytime to convey details of daily happenings.meantime i've been separated from my parents since joining here!how weird can life get to be! And yes of course i've received the best bunch of friends after coming here.you being one among them!good nite

Ramakrishnan said...

it was an unforgettable year.......
with ups and downs... (downs in studies).
great friends.....

yes. even i am missing my family

specially after reading this post.

Hailstone said...


Athe. 1 kollam vegam kazhinju.

@ Karthik anna,

I know you are too busy with your European tour. :)

@ Hiran chettan,

Yes.. After 3 more years, I too will be one among your group - 'Engineers'

@ Devidas, Logan & Raman,

When I wrote - I'm happy being with my parents, I didn't have a thought that you all are away from your parents now.
You 3 are in the same boat.

Anyway, as you all said, you have got a bunch of great friends here.

Anonymous said...

hi hailstone...wen u are wid frnds, time flies like anything. and "u donno wat u miss until u say goodbye to it", goes the old saying..How true!!
pinne, as for me not writing anything..well, its a terrible writer's block; the worst i've suffered, ever.. :(
then i thought, i'd rather write nothing than fill up the place wid crap. hoping to get back to my confessions soon..

Rohith said...

nice entry.. Time is flying faster than ever.. one year within a blink of an eye.. But I honestly do feel we'll get the real feel of a passed by year only after our first year results.. Thats the only time we start to really deepen our thoughts about wat we had been doing then... Esp if you manage to pick up one or two poor results or supplies.... All the memories of ur classroom... teachers will fly back to u..

Infact many are there who r missing their parents.. afterall it is also an ingredient of college life na... 'hostel life'...
Well on my part, Im missing it.. hi hi..

Rohith said...

And one more ques.. where are the lateral entry girls in the snap... ???

Logan,vava n me managed to miss it
(very sad)

Devidas said...

What abt a coverage of our modus operandi in decidin the tour n all :) shall i post it or will you be interested to do it?

Hailstone said...

Post it as soon as possible..

Hailstone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ej said...

heaviely leaned on the emotional side thouh..:)
dont u feel so hailstone? :D

cybersweetheart said...

actually am not sure ...like am i enterin my comments in the rite place any wayz i went through ur article..........nice and it seems to be simply touching.....good keep it up.............

Devidas said...

added the post.. check it out and comment

Anonymous said...

nice one,,anyway what abt the second year?I think college life become so colorful from third semester onwards.(complete freedom,,lack of teachers,,enough time for "kathiyadi",,,).Also some other changes in your life,isn't it??ha ha!!


Hailstone said...

@ cybersweetheart,

Lalsalam sakhaavae...
A warm welcome to bloggers world.

@ Sreerenj chettan,

:) I know well what you meant. Anyway, not much changes for ME