Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manju (- Mist -)

Though I started blogging with ' It Starts Raining ', todays' is my first
'fullfledged' post -- manju. That day I started just for a name sake. In
the second post also, I have a similar title as that of first one - 'manju',
who is a relative of hailstone , raindrops ( obviously cool ones :)

As you all know, Manju is a very short novel by M.T. I completed
reading it two days back. It is a nice one. It is short too, which makes
it more nice to me :) The whole story has a few number of characters
in it , which is even countable with our hands ( I mean the fingers ).
Taking each chapter indvidually, we'll be pushed down into a confused
state of mind. Everything described there seems vague to me-a foggy
picture of every character , except that of Vimala Teacher (heroine)
around whom the whole story rotates. But as a whole , the novel
seems to be crystal clear.

I didnt get any message (a moral one !!) or something like that from
its reading. Neither it offered a happy mood nor a tragic mood. But
a good feeling (???) was given.

As I told, this is my first fullfledged post.
As I'm a beginner, there is a probability (approximately equal to one)
of me making mistakes, which are to be pointed out by you people for
improvising my posts and writing skills.

Nothing else for today.

PS : Watch 'Weather forecast' to know when will the 'cool rain drops'
will be showered on you the next time .

"mazha peyyukayo , peyyathirikkukayo cheyyam "

Be prepared with a strong enough umbrella for, the precipitation have
'hailstones' along with the 'cool rain drops'.

Signing Off,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It Starts Raining...

Hi everybody,

I too joined in your community.
Wait for a heavy "Rainfall".

Signing Off ,