Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manju (- Mist -)

Though I started blogging with ' It Starts Raining ', todays' is my first
'fullfledged' post -- manju. That day I started just for a name sake. In
the second post also, I have a similar title as that of first one - 'manju',
who is a relative of hailstone , raindrops ( obviously cool ones :)

As you all know, Manju is a very short novel by M.T. I completed
reading it two days back. It is a nice one. It is short too, which makes
it more nice to me :) The whole story has a few number of characters
in it , which is even countable with our hands ( I mean the fingers ).
Taking each chapter indvidually, we'll be pushed down into a confused
state of mind. Everything described there seems vague to me-a foggy
picture of every character , except that of Vimala Teacher (heroine)
around whom the whole story rotates. But as a whole , the novel
seems to be crystal clear.

I didnt get any message (a moral one !!) or something like that from
its reading. Neither it offered a happy mood nor a tragic mood. But
a good feeling (???) was given.

As I told, this is my first fullfledged post.
As I'm a beginner, there is a probability (approximately equal to one)
of me making mistakes, which are to be pointed out by you people for
improvising my posts and writing skills.

Nothing else for today.

PS : Watch 'Weather forecast' to know when will the 'cool rain drops'
will be showered on you the next time .

"mazha peyyukayo , peyyathirikkukayo cheyyam "

Be prepared with a strong enough umbrella for, the precipitation have
'hailstones' along with the 'cool rain drops'.

Signing Off,


Anonymous said...

'Mazha peyyukayo peyyathirikkukayo cheyyam'

vallappozhum oru chattalmazhayenkilum undavumo?


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

you mean to say that all the characters were *misty*...
then the name matches well with the novel.. eh?


Anonymous said...

Taken each chapter individually confuses the reader and as a whole at the end the flow is clear and crystal.(i guess he relates the whole stuff together towards the end)

isn’t that a great quality of the writer?


Hailstone said...

@ Amma..

Can expect anything at any time,
even a heavy rainfall with thunder, storm, lightning etc. :)
Dry summer may also attack.
But, the most probable case is 'vallappozhum oru chattalmazha', as you said.

@ Chettan..

Yes, then it would have been more matching.

@ Vivek..

No doubt about that.

Dinil said...

First of all, welcome ! :)

One `kutti' correction: your post in not properly indented. This reminded me, something of the past.

When I made such mistakes while sending mails initially, I thought that I am too careless and thats why it happens. But later, one professor at IIT-M gave a one-hour lecture to the new batch of TAs (teaching assistants) explaining the technical problems in rendering a properly formatted text. Actually, he made us to come to the conclusions, ourselves.

Hailstone said...

Thankyou Dinil chetta.
I'll be more careful in future.

sreerenj said...

welcome priya

Anonymous said...

Priya, Welcome to bloggers world."M.T ye manasil dhyanichu" continue ur good work.


Anonymous said...

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