Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our unexpected guest!

I don't know how many of you've heard about the film director Ambili(present kerala state film development corporation chairman)- Director of Ashtapadi, Veenapoovu, Ganamela etc. Since he is more inclined to art films, he is not as popular as other commercial film directors. I've seen Ashtapadhi - really a beautiful film. Its main attraction is(for me), the fim was shot here in Nellayi, mainly centered at our temple and puzhakadavu.

At a marriage recception, I had a chance to meet him. I haven't met him earlier, but have heard about him. By the way, Achan knows him in person. He wanted to see his old film's locations - temple, aalthara, puzhakadavu and so came here with us. His family too was there with him.

Really an impressive, admirable personality...a down-to-earth person. He was so happy to visit the place again and to spend a lot time in puzhakadavu. He was telling us the experiences(both bitter and sweet), he had during his film-making. He was visibly happy. His wife-sheela is a nice lady who has parallel interests in his field.

Before leaving, he visited our home too and was here for an hour. Forgot to tell you that he's a good artist too! Made a few drawings for us, considering amma's request, that too in no time. An artist in action...

His drawing...

One more photo... His modified-Fiat!

Signing off,

PS: Last photo dedicated to Bristow :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My new camera

You know, I have been having camera for the past 3 years. Even though I am not soo.. good at photography, I love taking photos and I am the official photographer of Nellayi :). But for the past few months, my (old) camera has been showing some problems regularly (primary reason - my carelessness during our 3rd semester trip). Really fed up with its daily repair. And at last, I was told that it's not so easy to get it repaired..desperate! :(

I never asked amma for a new camera. I haven't even mentioned about that. But understanding my feelings, she offered me one last loving! After having expert opinion from chettan, we purchased our new camera (Olympus FE-370) on last wednesday. A good camera, with 100% satisfactory performance(atleast for me). I am so happy to receive this unexpected gift from my loving amma.

For the information of amma and chettan - I will be more careful with handling this new camera :)

A photo taken today morning... Kavyakutti in action :)

A few more photos...

See the moon

Kurumali puzha approaching Nellayi

Pink is the colour of girls!

Can you guess which flower is this?

Our old Kanakaambara poovu

Niramaala in our temple

See the hand coming up :))

Thank you amma, for your gift.

Signing off,

PS: Post dedicated to amma.