Monday, November 26, 2007

From college...

Now I'm browsing from college. Here in our college, all the students have the facility to browse free of charge. One of the most crowded spots(another crowded spot - cafetaria) in college is CCC (centralised computer centre), from where now I'm writing this. Now also, all the systems here are engaged.

I came in here just for sending a mail to chettan. After coming here only I thought of blogging. Anyway, here it is..

For me, browsing from here seems sooo much uncomfortable. After typing a URL address, we can go and have a 'masala dosai' from canteen and then come and continue browsing :(. That much dead slow....

At home, our phone is dead since last thursday and so no browsing at home for last 3-4 days. Our S3 classes are over. Officially, our S4 class began last week. Actually, none of our teachers have yet started their classes. So, during the last one week we were free birds. Same will be the case with this week too.

Everyone in the college is in festive mood of Dhyuthi. Eagerly waiting for the thrilling moments.Some students are decorating the college compound and some others doing some other works like cleaning and all. All arrangements for Dhyuthi are going on in great pace. Class suspended for 2 days.

The cultural festival will've a start on wednesday and will long for the next 3 days. I'm also in a committee - reception committee. Actually I didn't want to be a part of any committee, since I dont have any hope that my achan and amma will allow me to stay here over night. Anyway, I was forced to join.

Couldn't attend IC class for last 2-3 weeks. Morning batch students used to go to IC regularly. For a fun, I asked them last week 'convey our regards to Pramode sir'.:)

A few of us want to attend regularly. Anyhow, today we had gone there and had class for 1 hour. It is actually our fault that we didn't go and attend the class. Guilty conciousness pricked us like hell (not an exaggeration). From today onwards, we'll be regular - punctual students :)

Time is up...No time for proof reading.

Signing off,

PS: Profile updated -- 4th sem student.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dhyuthi '07.

Looking forward eagerly...

The magnificent, elegant event which GEC is going to witness on November 28, 29 & 30.

Signing off,

PS: kadappadu for the Youtube link - Rohith Rajesh

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Down in the water and Up in the sky..

Had my 1st excursion from GEC during the last week. It was really a superb experience.

We started our journey in 'Palace on wheels' on last wednesday night. Our first destination was Hogenakkal and we reached there in the next morning. The experience we had there is beyond explanation. We rented large round skiff('vatta vanchi') and played a lot in the water. We made fun by striking and pouring water at eachother.

Rocks were seen as if somebody arranged them like that. Soo.. sharp egdges they have. The view of scenic beauty we had there is really wonderful with a series of waterfalls. After having a risky and adventurous voyage in water, on the same day itself we packed to Kodaikkanal.

Compsciz rocking on rocks

Everyone know about the beauty of this wonderful place. What a romantic place it is!! Even I felt romance with somebody. Who else?? - Kodai hills itself. Such a lovely spot it is.. On the top of the hills, we were like kissing the foggy, misty sky. The scene of lean streams flowing down in between the rocks was really marvellous.

We and our happiness reached the peak. A man with eyes and heart cannot restrain himself from appreciating the magical beauty of nature. Seeing all these mind freshening scenes, how can a person jumb down from suicide point. It's an irony!!

Went to almost all the tourist spots there. 2 hours cycling around the lake is an unforgettable experience. On Friday evening we started our return journey and reached GEC in the next morning. In both Hogenakkal and Kodaikkanal, we were blessed with a pleasing climate.

The only sad thing happened to me is the fact that on the first day itself my camera started working in an unusual method, since the water from Hogenakkal lake forcefully peeped in to it. So that I could not capture the beauty of 'the romantic place' in my camera.

Each and every moment we spent inside the bus was full of fun and happiness. And the experience we had climbing up the Kodai hills crossing each hairpin bends was thrilling. Actually, only we 2-3 were ready to sit all the way in the front of the bus, remaining awake looking along the sides of road. All others surrendered to deep sleep. They all missed a lot, I guess.

Signing off,

PS: Happy Diwali.