Monday, November 26, 2007

From college...

Now I'm browsing from college. Here in our college, all the students have the facility to browse free of charge. One of the most crowded spots(another crowded spot - cafetaria) in college is CCC (centralised computer centre), from where now I'm writing this. Now also, all the systems here are engaged.

I came in here just for sending a mail to chettan. After coming here only I thought of blogging. Anyway, here it is..

For me, browsing from here seems sooo much uncomfortable. After typing a URL address, we can go and have a 'masala dosai' from canteen and then come and continue browsing :(. That much dead slow....

At home, our phone is dead since last thursday and so no browsing at home for last 3-4 days. Our S3 classes are over. Officially, our S4 class began last week. Actually, none of our teachers have yet started their classes. So, during the last one week we were free birds. Same will be the case with this week too.

Everyone in the college is in festive mood of Dhyuthi. Eagerly waiting for the thrilling moments.Some students are decorating the college compound and some others doing some other works like cleaning and all. All arrangements for Dhyuthi are going on in great pace. Class suspended for 2 days.

The cultural festival will've a start on wednesday and will long for the next 3 days. I'm also in a committee - reception committee. Actually I didn't want to be a part of any committee, since I dont have any hope that my achan and amma will allow me to stay here over night. Anyway, I was forced to join.

Couldn't attend IC class for last 2-3 weeks. Morning batch students used to go to IC regularly. For a fun, I asked them last week 'convey our regards to Pramode sir'.:)

A few of us want to attend regularly. Anyhow, today we had gone there and had class for 1 hour. It is actually our fault that we didn't go and attend the class. Guilty conciousness pricked us like hell (not an exaggeration). From today onwards, we'll be regular - punctual students :)

Time is up...No time for proof reading.

Signing off,

PS: Profile updated -- 4th sem student.


Rohith said...

mala trip and the 'co-incidences' ...
ya felt a lil bad abou the situation of IC classes... I like to hear sir's lecture than anybody else's.. sir has real good technical knowledge

DOnt feel Im under estimating ourselves, if Pramod sir had been in north India, he wud really hav inspired much more students than us... And they wud hav really made good use of his advices(like ranjith) ... I really want to do something but dont know watta do.. anybody help me out?

Rohith said...

I mean to do some productive work, like some projects or so...
Reason I referred North india, wuz that from my frns I hav learned we at gec are doing nothin else other than masti.... 24*7*365.. fun n enjoyment.(pls bother askin any NITians or higher, wat they do) Dont u feel so hailstone?
pardon if comment too long

Anonymous said...

every college's net connection sucks :)..


Read what you feel like reading.. you will become a master in your favorite subject and dont worry about North-Indian colleges :D


Anonymous said...

@ rohit
We gecians are zillions of times better than the others. Plus we've got our own identity and needn't copy or imitate them to achieve anything. There have been great people wim emerged successful out of this red fort with flying colors. Its all upto one's attitude for strenous work that determines what you become. Another plus, sir has put his best possible work in inspiring us but we've not heeded to his calls yet like some of our seniors. Once we start listening properly all what you dream of can very well be achieved.

Anonymous said...

@priya Whats happening? Your articles are becoming increasingly lifeless.:( oru energy feel cheyunnillalo! A suggestion that you may take up if you would like to..
Write up only when your spirits are high. Put up stuffs that are radiating life in them. Hope other regular readers of this blog have felt this!!

Anonymous said...

After the first year,we will be free birds up to 8 th sem hailstone,,,(there is a news that 5 more teachers will come to our department through employment exchange!!)

-Sreerenj B

Anonymous said...

Hailstone, its amazing that you can even blog from ccc.
And I fully agrees with Devidas("We gecians are .......") . Rohith, you should read the book "Five point someone" by Chetan Bhagat(a novel based on his IIT years). It will make us think how lucky we are in GEC. What we lack from college is available frm Pramode sir in plenty.


Hailstone said...

@ Rohit,
I hope you are satisfied with all the above comments. And you are free to write even more lengthy comments. And we've the right to decide whether we should read it or not :)

Oh.. God!!! 5 more teachers... I dont think that classes by them will be that much beneficial :( God only knows..

I hope Rohith has read FPS.

Devidas said...

i had forgotten to mention about fps..
its a perfect book that describes atleast something we and iitians in common- kuthara
we are what we are destined to be..
no question no doubt.
yet with all the masti we all managed a full pass this time..
how better can it get than this??!!

@ hailstone..
why no response to the fact i mentioned in the last post??

Rohith said...

reply to all the above ......

HI hi.. Ya I've read Five POint Someone.. liked it than most of the others I've read(maybe 'coz I dont read much :))
Juz one thing to Devidas n karthik chettan... See only the smallest of examples.. In fps only that drunkard guy Ryan himself doeas a superb work in his project... let alone studies , the brand name IIT does the rest(atleast u ought to b brilliant enuf to get there, that is sufficient)...( take reference to the entire story neatly, if u rem it very sharply.. Alok's suicide attempt.. thinking no job.. but still they get it.. why..?)....

I've very very importantly mentioned "Dont feel Im under estimating ourselves".. Coz I too feel we are nowhere behind.. but we are absolutely nowhere beyond them..
Its true that "we need not and do not" imitate others coz we hav our identity.. but we arent utilising it( only referred to my batch, seniors were pulees). Im damn confident, Devidas juz visit NIT's or IIT's tech fest juz once, ur view about this matter wont be the very same... We have our reputation but not living upto it.. No need anyone's comment praising ourselves, this is the truth.Only a 'minority of our college do it', others kinda living a useless college life here( its the other way around in most NITs n IITs... )
The reason I made all this fuss is only that I felt a kinda shame when I came to know tat my ex-classmates(school) were doing so much extra to their curriculum when we havent even started doing any...(excludin ranjit n mithun)( does anyone hav any objection?) sorry for all the crap, wont repeat it

I wud love to hear if Im correct or not from Sandeep chettan and other seniors and correct me if any blunder here... pls...

Anonymous said...

to be frank i agree with rohit

we are doing almost nothing, at least our

what we are doing was precisely described by pramode sir


we are simply wasting our potential
at rubbish while speaking technically

on the brighter side we are earning ourselves a gang of friends who are providing us with memories that will
last a lifetime

but again i will say we are wasting a lot of time upon 'nothing'


Devidas said...

take one side logan,
you are talking from both sides..

and rohit,
i frankly understand what you intended to convey..
there is no point fuzzing over what has happened till now...
let there be a new beginning now..

Sandeep said...

Wow! what a wonderful debate!

I second Rohit and Logan - about the "Busy with nothing to do" thing. You guys really do waste a lot of time.

Anyway I feel that your batch is much better than mine.

Let the motto be "We (d/w)on't compromise". Don't leave anything unturned.

Read/Have-fun/Study all are to be done well. The solution to lies in prioritizing them and doing it right.

Education, as I see it is all round character development. That means, you got to do _everything_ - don't compromise on it.

Read LOTS of books - later you would find less time

Study well - after all, this is what *matters* (theory too)

Enjoy with friends - they are the real assets you are going to have from your college

Watch only good movies - You don't have time to waste on crap. But do watch good ones - again, later time will be less

Don't compromise on anything - learn to manage your time! Be all-rounders.

Yeah, it became a little too long.

PS1: Don't bother about the North-Indian colleges. The one or two good examples you know are not enough to generalize.

PS2: FPS is just a book/novel. Not anyone's biography. Not everything is true there - at least I don't think so.

PS3: All of the above was just my personal opinion. :) [Anticipatory bail]

Ramakrishnan said...

at least the net connection is better than my dial up connection.
6 Kbps requires patience

at rohit
you must ask ranjith and midhun about the hard work they invested . we can also do it but i would rather do it with a team.(cant do like ranjith and midhun).

we are getting a daily dose of masti..... so we should not neglect it....imagine if this enjoyment wasnt there, what would be our condition.
i got your point but there is no need to become like the NITians.
they choose to study or to have fun.we chose both.

at devidas

new beginning has to be there

logan is not talking from both sides..he completely agrees with rohit