Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've heard about gender specific colours -- Blue is the colour of boys and Pink is the colour of girl! But, How could it be true! Who told so? Who decided so?

But, I know...hmm..everyone believe so. May be correct too. Should be a general case. But, I can't agree with it completely.

I've read in some articles that, till 1950s blue was the colour of girls and pink was the colour of boys. And after Nazi's use of Pink triangle in their concentration camps, reversal of colours happened. But, what all reasons hide behind this colour-swap? I don't know :(

You know, I made a research on this :). I asked many of my friends that which colour they liked the most. Surprisingly, 58.4% boys said blue is their favourite colour! But, only 7.7% girls voted for pink. And here is my report:


Blue - 58.4%
Green - 16.6%
Red - 16.6%
Orange - 8.33%


Black - 46.1%
Orange - 15.4%
Red - 15.4%
Pink - 7.70%
Yellow - 7.70%
Blue - 7.70%

How's it? ;) What do you feel now, after analysing this report?

That's all for now. Today, Durgaashttami. Have to take my books to temple for official Pooja. Most of my classmates are not keeping their books for pooja this time, since our S6 exams going on.

Happy Navarathri to all of you....

Signing off,