Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've heard about gender specific colours -- Blue is the colour of boys and Pink is the colour of girl! But, How could it be true! Who told so? Who decided so?

But, I know...hmm..everyone believe so. May be correct too. Should be a general case. But, I can't agree with it completely.

I've read in some articles that, till 1950s blue was the colour of girls and pink was the colour of boys. And after Nazi's use of Pink triangle in their concentration camps, reversal of colours happened. But, what all reasons hide behind this colour-swap? I don't know :(

You know, I made a research on this :). I asked many of my friends that which colour they liked the most. Surprisingly, 58.4% boys said blue is their favourite colour! But, only 7.7% girls voted for pink. And here is my report:


Blue - 58.4%
Green - 16.6%
Red - 16.6%
Orange - 8.33%


Black - 46.1%
Orange - 15.4%
Red - 15.4%
Pink - 7.70%
Yellow - 7.70%
Blue - 7.70%

How's it? ;) What do you feel now, after analysing this report?

That's all for now. Today, Durgaashttami. Have to take my books to temple for official Pooja. Most of my classmates are not keeping their books for pooja this time, since our S6 exams going on.

Happy Navarathri to all of you....

Signing off,


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

12 boys and 13 girls? is that the sample size? [or 24 and 26?]

without the size of the sample space, no statistics is good enough.

(even with the size, it isn't ;))

I know two (RED) girls and one (YELLOW) girl and a (RED) boy .. you could re-compute ;)

Anonymous said...

well thats a good post... but lemme say its all relative.. as our dearest raman and deepak always discuss...
qouting their thoughts 'well everything we see are perceptions our eyes and how our brain interprets these signals.'

what if the blue colour of boys is same as the pink of the girls... or what if my red colour is your black colour.. we may have given them common names but they might be the same pigments interpreted differently by our brains...

too confusing huh... well i can guarantee that deepu and raman will make it all the more confusing...



Anonymous said...

ya.. deepak and i usually discuss this topic...
as logan said
your "pink" may be his "blue" but
he calls that as "blue" coz he was taught

this can be solved only if you could see through my eyes...or vice-versa.


Anonymous said...

I am totally confused. onnum manassilaavunnilla.

A regular reader.

Balagopal said...

What's wrong with keeping the books for pooja and studying? I do that all the time.

Anonymous said...

None of the boys said pink!? :(

Happy Vijaya Dashami...


Anonymous said...

I think better survey would be the colour of accessory people use. Colour of mobile or laptop [considering Comp Sci background :)].
That way you will actually know what colour soothes them the most.. there wont be any confusions also as everything will be reported in your perspective [no relativity issues as logan suggested ;)].

I am almost sure, black will come up for men and pink will be the colour for women. :)

Nivil said...

who said gurlz dun luv pink???? see this..!!

what is the colour most assosiated with barbies??? :)
n like ya bro said, it mite be ur sample space... !!!

Hailstone said...

@ Chettan,
24 & 26 :)

@ logan & Raman,
Confusion theerkkaname ente confusion theerkkanamee.....

Ya. I agree with you, it's all relative.

@ regular reader,
same pinch ;)

Hailstone said...

@ Balagopal,
I always utilize the pooja days(non-studying days) to the fullest.

@ Vivek,

@ Anish,
No more suveying...:)

@ Nivil,
I've never told "girls dont love pink". Even my favourite color is pink.

RoHiT said...

well then irony prevails.... your statistics aren't the very best.. ("...I've never told "girls dont love pink..." vs "..But, only 7.7% girls voted for pink." )

and yeah its a matter of interpretation as ram said, but i do feel there maybe some science involved as well... our retina is sensitive to different colour pigments right.. so maybe those XX genes may have some affinity towards pink...

Devidas said...

hi nellayi

1. Lyked the history part of it. Never knew it had a link all the way to the Nazis.
2. Mr. Balagopal. er... dont know whether studying on pooja day really makes a subtle difference.. anyways good for you!
3. Logan Deepak Raman, guys take a hike and never return until the turn of this century!!! :D
4. My inference w.r.t the color issue: Dont give a damn. But was in glee to see that women cant even have a common agreement on this trivial topic. I mean men were on for four colours and women??I bet u would've pushed somemore of the stats under the desk to avoid the humiliation:D.. dont the boys here agree?? :D

RoHiT said...

@ devidas
i absolutely agree

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