Sunday, September 30, 2007

20-20 vs. 50-50

Retd. colonel Indhuchoodan teaches us the paper Switching theory and logic design. He's the new guest lecturer in our department. Last day, in his class after completing a module, we had a friendly chat with him.

He gave us a study class about communication and talked about his army life also. An excerpt from his talk -"First you study to listen others. Then only you can command others". We had a debate too - more details coming along. Many of my classmates actively participated in the debate.

Atlast we asked about his family. He has the world's beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children(-his own words-). His daughter got married!! All boys became desperate :( His son is an engineer by qualification, but now working as a journalist.

Out of curiosity, representing all girls, I asked him "Is he married ?" The whole class burst out into laughter. His reply - " No, he's not. But he is having 6 feet 2 inches height. Not at all matching for you all.."
Much more desperate :((

Coming to the title:

Our debate was on this: Is there any need to conserve our traditional 50 overs match??

One argument: T20 matches are very much enteratainable to all ranging from small children to aged ones. It's a matter of only 3 hours. An ordinary civilian(who's not so crazy over sports) get bored by this 50 over match. Another argument is that -- 50-50 matches are meant only for making money by ICC or some other related organisations.

Second argument: In T20 a bowler gets only 4 overs, which is not enough for him to prove his potential. T20 is explosive..but one can judge a player's real capability only in 50 over match. Considering this, 50 over matches are not to be killed. Winning T20 is just out of fluke or luck.

Here in our neighbourhood, there is an old man who's very much crazy about cricket matches. He along with his cute, little grand daughter comes to my home almost on all days. Yesterday we had a talk on this topic. He strongly supports 50 overs match. According to him, a good player has nothing to do with T20.

I'm putting this before you. Let us have a debate in the blogger world. Shall start with my opinion.. "Short and sweet 20-20"

Signing off,

PS: Above mentioned neighbour is having 2 televisions at his home. One for him to watch cricket and the other for his wife to watch mega (oh sorry, giga) serials :))

Monday, September 24, 2007

We are the CHAMPIONS

We proved it .... we are the best. Atlast, India conquered the hearts of cricket lovers all over the world.

Men in blue under Dhoni proved to be the champions by beating Pakisthan in the thrilling match - T20. Last few minutes were really breath taking.

India rising again...


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Terrible and Horrible !!

The up and down journey from my home to college is becoming more and more terrible and horrible these days.

I have to get into the bus from my place at 7.35 am. It's the most probable time. You all know that KSRTC is notorious in NOT running the buses in correct time. On some days there may not be the usual bus.
The crowd in the bus is really unbelievable. May be because some other buses which have to go earlier are not running in proper time.

From my bus-stop itself, there will be a good rush. Most days the bus reaches here in a 'house-full' condition and so we have to succeed in the struggle for getting into the bus. Once got into it, the fight inside the bus is much more easier, I think.

Many a days, the driver won't see us standing on the road side, stretching our hands(like Jesus Christ). That is the worst condition.

In the evening, after PCE classes I reach Thrissur around 5.45, which is the peak time. In the return journey too the condition is not better. I reach here in my home around 6.30 in the evening.

Another thing is the condition of roads. It's really really pathetic.
Why these Government authorities are not bothered about the availability of buses during the peak time and the maintenance of roads?


Many days, in the morning, I miss the college bus and have to get a private bus from TCR to our college.

The group of people whom I hate a looot are the private bus conductors and cleaners. I'm really scared of their villainish look and cruel, merciless, shrill voice(exceptions are there, but very rare). I wonder, they have got training for this !!

They look upon the students as some inferior creatures, only because we give them concession charge. But we should really appreciate the way they 'pack' the students in the bus.

The word came in my mind for describing the condition in a line bus is 'concentration camps'. We have read about that in History paper of school portions (under the title - French war). It's not an apt word in this context, but the 2 conditons are really comparable.

Entirely different topic:

Two days back, one among my friends showed me a book which give a description on how to become a good blogger. And told me that he's getting prepared to start a blog, after reading it. Today, he announced that we can expect his blog launch at any time with in these 2 days. He has gone through that book, I think.

Actually when he told me about the book and studying it, I thought of asking him that book. After some time, I felt - there is no need of it. Now I'm re-thinking -- Is there any need of studying blogging 'scientifically', with rules and regulations? I don't think so. May be useful. I don't know. What you all say about this?

The above mentioned guy has got a good description ability, good language and vocabulary. He said he's in search of a sensational(creating 'kolilakkam') topic for a good start. I hope that his work will be really good.

I don't know if he will read this or not.

Signing off,

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Homely get together.

It was a great day for all of us. I mean for all my gang of friends, including me.

We were planning a get together in my home since last month. At last, they all decided to come over here today.

To be frank, my parents were a little scared about 'how to treat all these 20 children?' The only demand of my friends were a good veg. sadhya and a homely get together.

They reached here by 11.00 in the morning. My amma could recognise ALL of them and told their names too(from my day to day description on college routines) . Even Achan was also not that bad. He told their native places and profession of parents(-areas where he is interested-).

Had some chit-chats with my parents. Then we went to my fathers's ancestral home by walk. Walked through many plantain plantations and along the river side. Spent a little time with my grand mother there.

In the return journey also, we opted for short-cut way and so climbed over one compound wall on our way. The journey was really interesting.

Spent a looot time in the 'kadavu' of 'Kurumali' river. Played in water, sat in that 'kadavu', took photos. They all told me that they loved the place so much. Returned back to home in a satisfaction that I could show them the beauty of Nellayi.

Then we had lunch. I hope the 'sadya' was up to thier expectations. Everything was prepared from here only. We had arranged a fullfledged sadhya with paayasam and all.

After that we played anthaakshari sitting in front of my sweet home, met some of my friends here in my village(changathikoottam friends).

In the evening, we had tea with 'pazhampori' and parippuvada'. As the end of the event(Kalaassakottu), we sung songs together. At around 5.00 in the evening they returned back.

Everyone in this locality knew about our get together. Somebody asked my friends "What's there going on in Priya's house?"

I'm so happy that all my friends came(may be because of my threteaning - "vannillenkil njan pinangum" :)). Thank you all.. My parents also liked them so much.
I'm sure that they also liked my parents, Nellayi and all other nellayiyans :) Some of them were telling my parents to come with our class excursion(unofficial one, without permission) as guardians.

Nothing more..

Bye for now.

Signing off,