Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Terrible and Horrible !!

The up and down journey from my home to college is becoming more and more terrible and horrible these days.

I have to get into the bus from my place at 7.35 am. It's the most probable time. You all know that KSRTC is notorious in NOT running the buses in correct time. On some days there may not be the usual bus.
The crowd in the bus is really unbelievable. May be because some other buses which have to go earlier are not running in proper time.

From my bus-stop itself, there will be a good rush. Most days the bus reaches here in a 'house-full' condition and so we have to succeed in the struggle for getting into the bus. Once got into it, the fight inside the bus is much more easier, I think.

Many a days, the driver won't see us standing on the road side, stretching our hands(like Jesus Christ). That is the worst condition.

In the evening, after PCE classes I reach Thrissur around 5.45, which is the peak time. In the return journey too the condition is not better. I reach here in my home around 6.30 in the evening.

Another thing is the condition of roads. It's really really pathetic.
Why these Government authorities are not bothered about the availability of buses during the peak time and the maintenance of roads?


Many days, in the morning, I miss the college bus and have to get a private bus from TCR to our college.

The group of people whom I hate a looot are the private bus conductors and cleaners. I'm really scared of their villainish look and cruel, merciless, shrill voice(exceptions are there, but very rare). I wonder, they have got training for this !!

They look upon the students as some inferior creatures, only because we give them concession charge. But we should really appreciate the way they 'pack' the students in the bus.

The word came in my mind for describing the condition in a line bus is 'concentration camps'. We have read about that in History paper of school portions (under the title - French war). It's not an apt word in this context, but the 2 conditons are really comparable.

Entirely different topic:

Two days back, one among my friends showed me a book which give a description on how to become a good blogger. And told me that he's getting prepared to start a blog, after reading it. Today, he announced that we can expect his blog launch at any time with in these 2 days. He has gone through that book, I think.

Actually when he told me about the book and studying it, I thought of asking him that book. After some time, I felt - there is no need of it. Now I'm re-thinking -- Is there any need of studying blogging 'scientifically', with rules and regulations? I don't think so. May be useful. I don't know. What you all say about this?

The above mentioned guy has got a good description ability, good language and vocabulary. He said he's in search of a sensational(creating 'kolilakkam') topic for a good start. I hope that his work will be really good.

I don't know if he will read this or not.

Signing off,


Anonymous said...

You can very well complaint abt the privat e bus *killis* to the authorities..

Your classmates have this nature of learning things from book a lot, right ? ;)


Anonymous said...

And hey, you are a good blogger too.. i kno ppl who love the way you write (ppl who havent even commented out here)

Guess who (just for a fun)

Anonymous said...

what you have said reg. bus journey, is a true picture of all the students, who have to travel in private/KSRTC buses.

Some days back,there was a photo in 'മാതൃഭൂമി' - some students (boys) hanging outside the running bus.

may be a mere coincidence - the photo was taken by two students of your college.


Devidas said...

hi dear
read the "entirely different topic" article :)
hmmm..well an authorative study of any topic would not do any harm lest you are about to embark on a new quest.
the person you were mentioning may have thought this way.
i sincerely appreciate him for his wise approach.
kudos to your wonderful friend. you must surely be proud of having such a friend :).
buzzing off

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


Bus journey is a part of the game. It definitely is painful at the moment, but will be a wonderful thing in retrospect.

About "reading a book before embarking".. hmm.. has its own pros and cons.

in case it's going to be a personal blog, reading such a book might make the blog more artificial, might lose its originality.

in case of a technical blog, reading such a book might help to make the blog really polished and professional.

shall discuss later.

Yes, hailstone should surely be proud to have such a "wonderful" friend. ;)

Devidas said...

hey i needed some assistance on putting up links from my blog.
tell me how to do that.
also let me know the blog names of sailesh and tony.
vinu annan i found out myself. :)

Hiran said...

Bus + crowd is a problem everywhere. I face it here in Chennai, whether it is seven in the morning or ten in the night.

Luckily i manage to get inside rather than having to stand on the foot board, though i have to irritate everyone in my way. ;)

I know what it takes for a huge body to make space for himself. :-)


Hailstone said...

@ Vivek,


@ Anonymous,
To be frank, I didn't get you. Ask *those* people to comment over my posts.

@ Devidas,
Yes, the person might have thought the way you said.
And I'm really proud of having such a good friend. He's a VERY GOOD friend of mine, even though I used to fight with him over silly matters.

For the information of all of you..
Devidas is one among those 2 students (-mentioned in amma's comment-).

Hailstone said...

@ Devidas( for the 2nd comment),

Tony kuutan's -

Sailesh's -
For assistance in putting links -- I shall call you.

Hii Hiran chetta,
I'm so happy to know that you go through my blog.

Devidas said...

read the postings??!!
how do you feel now??~~

Black is beautiful said...

did u make any friends in the bus trip ?

Hailstone said...

@ Karthik anna,

Of course, I got a few. But it's only a superficial hi-bye relation.

Devidas said...


The word came in my mind for describing the condition in a line bus is 'concentration camps'. We have read about that in History paper of school portions (under the title - French war). It's not an apt word in this context, but the 2 conditons are really comparable.

@ Priya
There is a trivial factual error in the above mentioned statement. There were no concentration camps in France during the French war of independance.French had set up internment camps in Algeria during 1830's.
Concentraion camps are a relatively new concept in history which emerged excessively during the First and Second World Wars.
And more than French, the German concentration camps are known for the atrocities committed to the inmates.
just a piece of knowledge i would like to share :)

Hailstone said...

Thankyou for the information.

Rohith said...

Great... Priyas... Nice conversation over comments.. I too mite hav said about that 'concentration camps' thing wat Das came up with, but anyway ...Infact the photographer(earlier mentioned) himself travels on footboard everyday ( one genuine reason 4 why he is always late to the class)

Devidas said...

hi rohit u are here as well...

Hailstone said...

Hii Rohith,
Welcome to my blog world.

Pinne, I've given Devidas - "Thankyou for the information".
Do get a portion of that 'Thankyou' :) Okay??

Devidas said...

by the way rohit add new posts on ur blog da.

Rohith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rohith said...

Hey.. how come I deserve a part of thanks.. das has given such a precise and correct piece of information.. I only know it wuz related to Germans n not French.. pinne endengilum ezhuthanamallo ennu vicharichu.. athukondu ezhuthiyatha... (sorry Priya this is Bheja Fry)..
@ Das
Me too more interested in modifying the HTML code , rather than posting posts.. I shall try to come up with an interseting blog soon