Thursday, December 27, 2007

Emotions.. :) ... :(

What does the word 'emotion' really mean ??

Happened to see an ad of Vodafone conveying a message - 'a calm mind can overcome even a storm'. True.. I guess. Whenever I'm in a dilemma , my brother advises me to sit and think a lot with a calm mind.

We Should be able enough to manage our emotions instead of emotions managing us. Don't let emotions to rule us or our mind. I know, it's not always possible to freeze all our emotions. Situations will come our way, where we've to give up for our/our dear one's feelings. Sometimes, it's really hard to overcome the tender feelings of our heart.

Wisdom always waits for the right time to act, while emotion always pushes for action right now! -- Read from an article.

I'm wondering why should I go for such insane useless thouhts!! Anyway, putting a halt here. Don't want to make you all get bored. I too don't want to get bored :)

So, bye for now.

Signing off,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Am I alone??

This thought was haunting me during last 2-3 days in college. For the first time, I felt loneliness in my class room.

Last monday or tuesday I told one of my friends(not in that serious mood) that I was getting bored. She in a surprise exclaimed "Priya getting bored in this class!! That won't happen". I replied nothing.

The fact is, even though our whole class is a one single union, there are kutti kutti gangs in our class. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a member of all gangs. I used to run around and disturb the discussions (if any) in all groups. I don't want to get tied up among one group of friends.

But... I dont know what happened to me last week (Or what happened to others). I felt that I didn't have the citizenship of even one gang. Now I'm wondering what all thoughts I had in my mind last week..

Majority of my friends(whom I consider as good friends) are not in the same range of frequency of my thoughts. I'm ready to get tuned to their frequency. I'm ready to get shifted up or down. But many are not willing to do that... etc...etc.. like that a lot of useless conceptions I had. A couple of incidents in the class forced me to think so. To be frank, I felt - I'm alone locked in a secluded cottage of boredom.

Last friday, I was actually desperate thinking all these. My mind and thoughts were soo cloudy with many misconceptions(??). Many of my friends could find my change of mood. Even some of them asked me 'why are you mood off?' I didn't have any proper answer. But, 2/3 of them could guess the reason too. Even now, there is some blurdness in my mind. I know my classmates will read this and ask me.. But I dont have any clear cut answer.

After this, had a small chat with a friend regarding this. He asked me not to go for such insane thoughts and told me the fault is with my mind . Might be correct.. no.. it should be correct. May be because of the climate change :)

How can I be alone in my OWN class!! I've heard that some of the VIP's have dual citizenship. Like that, I believe I'm having multi citizenship :) How is it possible for everyone to have parallel thoughts!! Everyone will be having their own identity, views, thoughts and concepts.. right??

Now, I'm thinking why should I put this as a blog post. Anyway, I wrote this much.. and all these are the thoughts which churned my mind a lot. No injustice in giving you all a chance to read this.. is there?? But I'm telling you again, this is not a clear reflection of my mind. But, a blurd reflection!!

Signing off,

PS: I wrote frankly the conceptions I'd in my intellect. Not claiming that all are true. But I wish those all were some misunderstanding from my part.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Screwed up!!!

Today had my first class in S4. In the first hour itself, a teacher caught me.As usual, there was a not-bad shouting from our class. As he has not even a bit of teacher look, I didn't notice him coming. I was walking around distributing 'aravanapayasam' (brought by one of my classmates) among all. Then itself, he would have noticed me.

When he came in, silence filled the whole class room immediately. Then he started speaking. His voice was so feeble that we couldn't hear him properly. After enquiring others I understood that he was asking whether we wanted to have class today or not.

Since it was our first class on the very first day, none of us wanted to have class. I called out 'no sir' in a funny manner. For my un-luck, none of others tried to break the silence. Hence my voice was heard a little louder than what I had wished/expected :( After giving a frightening look, he asked me to stand up, take the bag and get out of the class. Oops!! I was shocked actually..

I: Sorry sir... sorry sir.. I was just... I didn't mean anything sir.

Sir: Take your bag and get out. Same is the case with others too who don't want to attend the class.

I (with a baffled look): Pardon me, sir. I told that since this is our first class. I want to be here if you are taking the class.

Sir: Sure??

I: Yes sir.

Sir (in a KBC - Bachan style): Confident??

I: Yes sir.

Sir: Hmm..Ok sit down.

With a sigh, I thanked God in relief. After that I managed to be a 'pakka' good student listening to his lecture which continued for another one and a half hours.

Signing off,