Thursday, December 27, 2007

Emotions.. :) ... :(

What does the word 'emotion' really mean ??

Happened to see an ad of Vodafone conveying a message - 'a calm mind can overcome even a storm'. True.. I guess. Whenever I'm in a dilemma , my brother advises me to sit and think a lot with a calm mind.

We Should be able enough to manage our emotions instead of emotions managing us. Don't let emotions to rule us or our mind. I know, it's not always possible to freeze all our emotions. Situations will come our way, where we've to give up for our/our dear one's feelings. Sometimes, it's really hard to overcome the tender feelings of our heart.

Wisdom always waits for the right time to act, while emotion always pushes for action right now! -- Read from an article.

I'm wondering why should I go for such insane useless thouhts!! Anyway, putting a halt here. Don't want to make you all get bored. I too don't want to get bored :)

So, bye for now.

Signing off,


ej said...

emotions, if allowed to take control of one's self can really wreck a person. i feel that it's ones loosing control over his or her own emotions that leads to suicide and assorted social evils.
and if a man can control his or her emotions then he can always keep the kewlest head as well as a successful life

Devidas said...

pretty mature article...
truly there is a deep relation between the thoughts that flutter in our minds with the actions we perform.
social outlook and our entire manners and mannerisms are dependant on the thinking process accompanying them. emotional outlet is, no matter what, a requisite for any individual for healthier existence.
good article there. made me think for sometime about the complexity of our mind.
buzzing off

Ramakrishnan said...

great post there. these are not insane thoughts. only great thinkers think like this. seems like you spend a lot of time thinking.good for you. if you ask me, i think a lot funnier. it makes me happy (many chalis were created this way ) and it is a nice timepass.

Rohith said...

cool entry. You have written the truth here. Maybe I can point out an interesting irony between this entry and the juz previous entry. As wat raman said, if u hav time for thinkin a lot, u would never consider loneliness a bad thing... I personally love to be alone.. Thats when u can have truckloads of thoughts going all over ur mind's playground... Think about it... So I suppose a ques like " Am I Alone " should never bother Priya.S ...

Anonymous said...

hey ya! uhm jus dropping in to ask any idea which instrument that is? (of the music in the ad)

;/ been hunting for it.

The Lonely Backpacker said...


Good... Both of us are sailing in the same boat...

The Lonely Backpacker said...

Im grinning after reading the post again.. :P

"Sometimes, it's really hard to overcome the tender feelings of our heart"...

tender feelingsooo ??.. :P..

if you can kindly give us some explanations and enlighten us on whats happening in class, we ll be happy :D

Hailstone said...

@ lonely backpacker,

No relation with 'Am I alone' and 'emotions'. No incident in class made me write this. In class, as usual I'm enjoying.

Hailstone said...

@ Karthik anna,

What made you write your first comment?? ;)

@ devidas,

@ Raman,
"only great thinkers think like this" -- I've never offered you a treat!!!! Then why??

@ Rohit,
:) You are right. But, I dont love lonliness that much.

@ Sindhu,
Sorry. I dont know.
If any one knows, kindly write it down here.


The Lonely Backpacker said...

@hail stone..

"controlling emotions" is what I m learning right now.. hence we are sailing same boat

Anonymous said...

now this post - its a good one
been thinking very deeply nowadays i suppose
its getting you a lot more mature
is it the pressure from your fans that makes you think so deeply
keep up the good work

and keep enlightening us with such deeeeeeeeeeeeeply thought out articles