Sunday, January 6, 2008

Have a Good Day.

For the last 3-4 years, I'm under a serious addiction. Day by day, I'm becoming a more adverse addict, I guess. I wish I could get out of this junkie. Actually I'm not an addict, but a fan of it.

Oh, forgot to tell you what make my taste buds get excited.. Here is it...

Please don't laugh..

Almost on all days, in the evening I wonder how much Good Day biscuits I took on the very same day. Even the small kids won't take this much, I guess. I know it's not so advisable a habit. But, can't help!!

Even the shopkeeper here in Nellayi(our dear near Sathyan chettan) always keeps aside a biscuit packet for me. Each and every time before opening the packet, I tell to my parents that I decided to cut short biscuit consumption. Then they ask "Why should you?" Even they are not discouraging me!!

Even though all the products of Britannia are my favourites, I'm an ardent fan of Good Day. I've tried a lot other brands too. But couldn't find a better one.

Now it has reached a stage that it's really hard to pass a day without Good Day. Is this really an addiction???

************Britannia Good Day ************
************* Tim Tim Ti Tim**************

Signing off,

PS: Dedicated to all those who love biscuits.


Rohith said...

Khao Britannia ..
Very very tasty tasty....

ee pokku poyal molu sharikkum kashta pedum....
endayalum ther are very less people who dont like Goodday biscuits

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Good one!

At Madras, after a day's surfing (lab), we (Dinil, EP(Vivek), Sam, and I) used to go to the small-tea-stall. We used to buy one pack of Good Day, I'd have 4 of the biscuits and they'd have 2 each!

It was of course an addiction to me too. Though, now it's more than a year since I tasted it!

Suggestion: you should probably keep the wrappers. (Just for a horror)

Hailstone said...

@ Rohith,
I know it's a little extravagance to have this much Good Day per day. But achan tells me - "you need not bother its cost and all"

@ Chettan,
you remember, we'd a very large collection of Good Day and Little Heart wrappers. But, ippol illa.. anyway, good suggestion.

Asha said...

thanks for the dedication! :)

ej said...

nice one...
ever wondered how much calories u take in along wid the biscuits itself? if i am correct, they're pretty big on stuff lyk proteins n fat due to the presence ofnuts, honey n milk... u'll grow really fat.. :D
britania khao, masth jeyo..

Anonymous said...

I used to be an addict of bourbon(chocolate cream) biscuits.
But now i've got bored of them,i don't like eating biscuits anymore.
So Priya continue enjoying ur goodday biscuits till u reach the saturation level.
Arun S

Anonymous said...

Iam for parle..
Any way where aLL biscuits going.. u still
slim .. hii

The Lonely Backpacker said...

you don't have to worry about your health right now..

P.s. Incase the addiction bothers you, stop it now..
stop it for a day
stop it for a week
and stop it for a month..

vinujose said...

You need not bother about addiction of goodday biscuits as long as they dont put:"Statuatory Warning: Biscuit eating is injurious to health " on the wrappers.

2 quotes by 2 famous personalities of our class to your aid.
1. I am not an addict of X. I eat X only when I feel like eating it badly
2. It is not really difficult to stop any addiction. Even I have stopped my addiction to X many times.

Ramakrishnan said...

i was also an addict till the day mom quoted
"your sister also has right on the biscuits"

ha ha just joking

you can always consult me if you want to know the other varieties of britania

do try good day choco chip cookies
i liked it very much...

@ rohit

ever tried eating 2 large packs a day???

@ vinu

nice to see you back again.

Anonymous said...

hi...guess we ve so many good day addicts here.!! even i used to carry a pack back to accomodation during my training days in TCS. i kinda think its a serious stress buster, well atleast for me...
N personally, i lov the butter biscuits..
well, now u kno..u r not the only one addicted to them.. :)