Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's distressing..

She felt loneliness in the crowd. Gloominess and helplessness clouded in her eyes. Her tears didn't wet her cheeks, but have frozen her heart.

Her days remained dark... Paleness tinted her distant dreams. She never wanted to hurt her dear ones...

Language without words called out her pain. She didn't know what to do next..everything seemed vague!!! She was frightened by the silence around her.

Something was pricking her soo.. deeply and piercingly. She even doubted, "is life showing its cruel face to her!!!"

....."I love walking in the rain because then no one knows I'm crying".....

Nice quote... Right?

Signing off,

PS1: Read that quote in an SMS, I got yesterday and I loved it.
PS2: Do look the label given.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Golden memories...

Memories pouring down it's colourful flowers laiden with the fragrance of nostalgia..... Good old times they were!! Today, on the way back to home, a group of school students in the bus and their murmering noise woke up the nostalgic sentiments in me.. My school days!!!

I'd my schooling in a near by convent school -- St.Joseph E.M.H.S, Anandapuram till my 10th class. And had my higher secondary education in St.Antonys HSS, Pudukad(largest HSS in Kerala). All the way to home, I was thinking of my school days. I wish, I were a small kid going to school, wearing uniform, with shoes, water bottle, school bag.. by school bus. I miss even my 'Panchara kuda'.

I'm not able to recollect anything from my KG classes :). And regarding lower primary classes too, have only a blurred memory. It was in my 3rd standard Achan got transferred to Malappuram and Amma to Coimbatore. And so, from my 3rd to 8th class, I with my chettan were with our grandmother in achan's ancestral home. He was my achan, amma and everything during those days. It was he who did all the duties of amma, in her absence even making me ready to go to school.

In UP classes, I was so naughty(like all others). And once I had a fight with a boy at school and I won in that fight. After that incident, we were like born-enemies. I remember - once he wrote in my book -- I will kill you. :) And the interesting thing is I was so afraid of him after that and had many nightmares, that he killing me :) Like wise a lot of interesting and exciting memories.. Those were the days of innocence, with no secrets, confusions and humiliations. Wasn't a hardworker or a book worm. But, somehow managed to score marks that were 'not that bad' :)

Then comes the '3 rocking years' of high-school period. Can say it as the best period in my academic life. By that time, my parents too got transferred to Thrissur. So happy I was.. both at home and at school. My school and my batch were simply superb!! So friendly we were with our teachers..

Used to participate in almost all items in youthfestival. But haven't ever tested my talent in sports :) They were the days full of enjoyment, thrill and happiness. Our batch was really an excellent one...active in all fields. Good competetion was there in my class in the case of studies too. And in my 10th standard, I was elected as the school-leader and best out-going student of that year :)(close your mouth.. how's it?).

I'm so closely attached with that school ...that is the relation of 12 years!! I consider it as 'the best' school. I miss all kinds of naughtiness we've done there, the fights we'd, journey in our school-bus, our group prayer in Chapel, our teachers, friends,..... everything and everything.

After my 10th, joined in St.Antony's, Pudukad for 11th/12th standard. Nothing special to write about those 2 years....so boring they were :(

I'm dedicating this post to my friends who studied with me till my 10th class. Cant express how much I love my school and the affection we all have for our our school. I wish, I could study there once again ...

But, I know..Past is past..
Can't rewind time..
Life is the moment we're living right now..
so, once again bye for all those good old times..

Current song: Oru vattam koodi..

Signing off,

PS: Was it a lil lengthy one?