Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll miss you dear...

Yes...I'll miss her for sure. She has been my dearest friend for last 2-3 years. Everyday she comes my home to play with me. She likes to sing songs for me and to dance with my songs. We have quarelled too for silly matters. I enjoyed to the fullest, the time I spent with her. Mischievous glint flashing in her eyes made me happy always.

I am telling about our cute little angel Kavyakutti, my neighbour. I've told you about her here. She came here to her grandparents when she was only two months old. And, now she is three. Tomorrow she is leaving....with her parents.... to Dubai.

She will be leaving tomorrow early morning. And so, she had come here to say us 'tata bye bye'. Every night when she goes, she tells me 'tata bye bye..see you...good night' and finally a flying kiss too. Just like that, today also, she did the same. She told us that she's going to Dubai, though she doesn't know she's going away from us. Since I knew the fact, tears were rolling down from my eyes.

With sweet kisses and wishing her all the best in her life, I'm dedicating this post to our small litle angel.

Bye bye Kavyakutti....


Signing off,

PS: She always calls me Priyakutti.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've heard about gender specific colours -- Blue is the colour of boys and Pink is the colour of girl! But, How could it be true! Who told so? Who decided so?

But, I know...hmm..everyone believe so. May be correct too. Should be a general case. But, I can't agree with it completely.

I've read in some articles that, till 1950s blue was the colour of girls and pink was the colour of boys. And after Nazi's use of Pink triangle in their concentration camps, reversal of colours happened. But, what all reasons hide behind this colour-swap? I don't know :(

You know, I made a research on this :). I asked many of my friends that which colour they liked the most. Surprisingly, 58.4% boys said blue is their favourite colour! But, only 7.7% girls voted for pink. And here is my report:


Blue - 58.4%
Green - 16.6%
Red - 16.6%
Orange - 8.33%


Black - 46.1%
Orange - 15.4%
Red - 15.4%
Pink - 7.70%
Yellow - 7.70%
Blue - 7.70%

How's it? ;) What do you feel now, after analysing this report?

That's all for now. Today, Durgaashttami. Have to take my books to temple for official Pooja. Most of my classmates are not keeping their books for pooja this time, since our S6 exams going on.

Happy Navarathri to all of you....

Signing off,

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Onam

Today Uthradam. Everyone in a festive mood..right? Anyway, I'm so happy now for many reasons. Soo many unexpected things happened these days. I've been at the peak of happiness for the last few days. Thanks to someone* :)

This time too we had a blasting onam celebration at our college. We all had really a great time together. Made a big pookkalam in-front of our department. After that, we'd many interesting games like sundarikku pottu kuthal, uriyadi etc..

Then comes the most important part of celebration - Onasadhya with upperi, pappadam, pazham, payasam etc. Everyone got tired after sadhya, since we served to all our juniors and teachers :). Sadhya was really good. But I think, Payasam was not up to the mark.

Thus, we made our final-year onam celebration grand and ever memorable.

Here in Nellayi also we(changathikoottam) are going to have a great Onam.

Pookkalam made at our home today morning...

Wishing you all a very HAPPY ONAM

Signing off,

PS: This post dedicated to that someone* special ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Resurrection from dormancy ;)

I haven't been here in blog world for the past two months. Had no reason for not writing...had no reason for writing too. Didn't feel like writing, that's all. And today I feel like scribblng here something and I do've a reason for that (can't call it as a reason, though).

I've told you about Kavyakutti (no clue how many of you remember her), whose parents reside in Dubai. They've come down here for their vacation. Yesterday they had come here. A nice chap her father is!(brought some sweets for us ;)).

In between our talk, he mentioned about my blog too. A couple of weeks back, he came across my blog and read some of its entries and got impressed(strange? :) ). BTW, this post comes as a result of the inspiration, I got from him. And so, I'm dedicating this post to him.

That's all for now...

Here are some snaps, I took from Marine drive, Ernakulam, last week when I had a hang-out with my parents ;)

Today, Chingam-1. Wishing in advance all of you, a very very Happy Onam...

See you all soon!

Signing off,

Friday, June 12, 2009

From Amma's garden...

Having my S5 lab exams on coming monday and wednesday. And so, busy with the preparations(;)). But, I felt like posting a blog entry today. Actually, I've become so lazy to sit, think and to type it down here. So, because of these two reasons, I’m putting here a few snaps, taken from Amma’s garden.

P6010009 P6120002P5230099

P5230083 P6120048 P4180003 P3270052 P6120044 P4200082 P5230004 P5230074

I hope you all liked these flowers.

Thank you,

Signing off,


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reign Of Reality Shows.

Yes, the trend has changed. Reality shows have conquered all the TV channels. Is this scenario a new face of change? New face of trend? And how long will this trend last?

Years back, Madhu Mohan was the trend setter, who revolutionised Malayalm television programmes with his non-stop-entertainer-mega serials. Hmm..hh..giga serials. Actually, he was an all rounder in his serials with 'kadha, thirakhadha, sambhashanam, samvidhanam and abhinayam'. How gifted a person he is! ;)

Then comes the golden age of reality shows. Even though it hasn't marked the fall of 'kanneer serials', there came a sharing of dominancy. Mega serials are now advancing with a variety of devotional mega serials - Sree Guruvayoorappan, Alphonsamma etc.

But, I think reality shows are a bit more advanced in the case of varities they are having! Shows in dance, music(with and without performance), cookery, etc..and lots and lots of varieties(actually, I dont remember other varieties). I'm not a regular viewer of these TV programmes, but have seen its ads many a time...even that is enough and more for me.

I'm wondering why all these parents and children giving this much importance to these nonsense(personal opinion). I pity for those who are spoiling their precious time, money, and education running behind these shows(again per. opinion).

I agree, it's a stage for many gifted ones to show their talents before us. But actually,hmm... I dont know what to has crossed the limits. I'm bored of these TV reality shows. I hate watching them.. I'm sure, atleast a few of you will be having the same view as of mine.

You know, now the most common words among us(generally) are sangathi, chemistry, elimination round, In/Out, energy, pitch etc. Is it not true? Even KG students are familiar with all these words.

Streams of tear gushing from viewers', participants', judges', anchors' eyes(elimination round-danger zone scenes with deep-sad music and black&white background)) is the worst thing. It's really pathetic. It seems to me that, emotional scenes are more in reality shows than in 'kanneer serials'. And, in many channels, presentation by some anchors are terrible and horrible.

I think...other TV programmes(malayalam channels) are also not exception. I've a lot more to tell you, regarding these TV programmes.(...a kind of frustration...?) But, this is enough, I guess.

Signing off,

Off topic: Did you know that it is impossible to sneeze keeping your eyes open? Try it! ;)

Current song: Jaiho from Slumdog Millionaire :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She's really beautiful!

She's looking really gorgeous. Is it not?

Oh...don't get confused. I was talking about that green tea-plantations in the background. :)

Last week, I had a trip to Munnar with Amma and Achan. Trip was really good. We were there for 2 nights and 3 days. Enjoyed a lot. Trip was simply superb!

To be frank, I don't like reading blogs explaining someone's trip to somewhere. I usually get bored reading such literary travelogues. So, I think it's better not to tax you, making you read the whole story "Trip to Munnar". Shall put some snaps taken from there. Let them speak....

On the way to Rajamala Hills

Boating in Old-Munnar Hydal Park

Fuzzy! Foggy! Hazy!

Munnar Church on Easter night

View from the Top-Station. see the Mountain foldings.

Green meadows...

..Ride on 'Lakshmi'..
The most wonderful experience I had during our trip.

Garden fresh yummy-yummy Carrots!

View from Mattupetti dam

..Photo Collage..
Lots of varities of flowers from the Old-Munnar Hydal park.

Soo.. nice the place beautiful! I love that place. The greenery there, tea plantations, romantic climate [:)], foggy-misty mountains kissing the sky and everything and everything made our trip memorable.

Bye bye Munnar...

Signing off,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hai, hello..

Hai,, here comes my *half-century-milestone* post.. :)

I'm scribbling here a genuine/vague/ambiguous/insane doubt(?)/thought crossed my mind while I was preparing for my University exam in Operating-system(OS) paper(topics - time/resource sharing, time division etc.), last week.

Will love ever get divided?

I know, you'll be laughing, atleast smiling. Isn't it so?

So-called *facts*:
Happiness doubles with sharing.
Sorrow reduces with sharing.

And what about love?? Ok. I agree, it's a different breed of cat.

Actually, happiness complements sadness...right? If we are happy, it implies that we are not gloomy. It is a direct implication. Their joint effort neutralizes our life, which is a journey with a lots of ups and downs.

Is hatred complement of love? When we love someone, does it mean that we hate someone else?

Or when we love someone more, does it mean our love for someone else has lessened?

My doubt is that, will the individual-share reduce with the increase in number of clients? :)

Or else, our heart should be having a never-ending back-up storage for love!

Ok, that's enough for today. No point in pondering on this...that's your choice. Anyway, I'm leaving. You may or may not leave. You go on having brain(if any) work on this. ;)


Dear readers, as a token of love and gratitude for bearing me upto this 50th post, I offer you all this bunch of flowers.

Signing off,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our unexpected guest!

I don't know how many of you've heard about the film director Ambili(present kerala state film development corporation chairman)- Director of Ashtapadi, Veenapoovu, Ganamela etc. Since he is more inclined to art films, he is not as popular as other commercial film directors. I've seen Ashtapadhi - really a beautiful film. Its main attraction is(for me), the fim was shot here in Nellayi, mainly centered at our temple and puzhakadavu.

At a marriage recception, I had a chance to meet him. I haven't met him earlier, but have heard about him. By the way, Achan knows him in person. He wanted to see his old film's locations - temple, aalthara, puzhakadavu and so came here with us. His family too was there with him.

Really an impressive, admirable personality...a down-to-earth person. He was so happy to visit the place again and to spend a lot time in puzhakadavu. He was telling us the experiences(both bitter and sweet), he had during his film-making. He was visibly happy. His wife-sheela is a nice lady who has parallel interests in his field.

Before leaving, he visited our home too and was here for an hour. Forgot to tell you that he's a good artist too! Made a few drawings for us, considering amma's request, that too in no time. An artist in action...

His drawing...

One more photo... His modified-Fiat!

Signing off,

PS: Last photo dedicated to Bristow :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My new camera

You know, I have been having camera for the past 3 years. Even though I am not soo.. good at photography, I love taking photos and I am the official photographer of Nellayi :). But for the past few months, my (old) camera has been showing some problems regularly (primary reason - my carelessness during our 3rd semester trip). Really fed up with its daily repair. And at last, I was told that it's not so easy to get it repaired..desperate! :(

I never asked amma for a new camera. I haven't even mentioned about that. But understanding my feelings, she offered me one last loving! After having expert opinion from chettan, we purchased our new camera (Olympus FE-370) on last wednesday. A good camera, with 100% satisfactory performance(atleast for me). I am so happy to receive this unexpected gift from my loving amma.

For the information of amma and chettan - I will be more careful with handling this new camera :)

A photo taken today morning... Kavyakutti in action :)

A few more photos...

See the moon

Kurumali puzha approaching Nellayi

Pink is the colour of girls!

Can you guess which flower is this?

Our old Kanakaambara poovu

Niramaala in our temple

See the hand coming up :))

Thank you amma, for your gift.

Signing off,

PS: Post dedicated to amma.