Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Onam

Today Uthradam. Everyone in a festive mood..right? Anyway, I'm so happy now for many reasons. Soo many unexpected things happened these days. I've been at the peak of happiness for the last few days. Thanks to someone* :)

This time too we had a blasting onam celebration at our college. We all had really a great time together. Made a big pookkalam in-front of our department. After that, we'd many interesting games like sundarikku pottu kuthal, uriyadi etc..

Then comes the most important part of celebration - Onasadhya with upperi, pappadam, pazham, payasam etc. Everyone got tired after sadhya, since we served to all our juniors and teachers :). Sadhya was really good. But I think, Payasam was not up to the mark.

Thus, we made our final-year onam celebration grand and ever memorable.

Here in Nellayi also we(changathikoottam) are going to have a great Onam.

Pookkalam made at our home today morning...

Wishing you all a very HAPPY ONAM

Signing off,

PS: This post dedicated to that someone* special ;)


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


rocksea said...

onam wishes to you and your someone!

Anonymous said...

wishing U a very happy ONAM

Tuwal said...

wishing U a very happy ONAM

Anonymous said...

Readers have the right to know who is priya from your add , pls

Anonymous said...

Happy Onam wishes to you and the special someone.. :)


Devidas said...

I vouch for Payasam. Had 7 glasses. Nothing wrong with it !!
Happy Onam to ye all!!

Hailstone said...

Thankyou all.

Vipin said...

Hey Priya,

Nice writing...Do keep up the writing.

By the way, sneezing without eyes closed won't pop out your eyes, but surely strain your facial muscles. So advised not to do that...