Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yet another resolution!!

Most of us have a habit of taking wonderful-incredible-impossible resolutions every new year day. But, I've one more occasion for having *such* resolutions.

You know, after each final exam(public/university), I take a resolution. I've been doing this for years from my school days itself. And what is the resolution -- "from today onwards I'll study my portions daily"(school level) and "I'll have a glance at my books atleast once before my next exam comes"(college level - a bit more advanced!!)

This time too I've taken this aged resolution :) It has become a part of my exams. And for your kind information, my last new year resolution was that I would never take another resolution :) How is it?

By the way, all my exams(except environmental studies) were sort of 'hard nuts to crack' :( One more paper remaining.

That's all for now.
Signing off,

PS: Most of the time, telephone is dead and net connection is down here in this locality because of road expansion. That's why I took a 1 month leave from blogger. Everytime when I plan to put up something here, BSNL acts a villain :(