Thursday, January 17, 2008

The mystique of Makarajyothi continues....

While watching the live telecast of 'Makaravilakku' celebration at Sabarimala, I was really wondered to see the crowd there. Millions of pilgrims from far and wide are reaching there every year, only for witnessing the celestial light called 'Makarajyothi' appering on Makara Sankaranthi.

Staunch believers of Swamy Ayyappan believe that the jyothi appears miraculously for blessing the devotees. They believe that witnessing this light brings them good luck and divine blessings. I saw it appearing 3times in the forest, with a few seconds interval between each appearance.

A divine star is believed to appear on the sky, just before sighting Makarajyothi. The whole thing lasts for a maximum of 1 minute!! And for that, how many people, ranging from small kids to aged ones reach there!!

Another argument is that 'Makara Jyothi' is an artificial fire lit by Sabarimala officials and Devaswom board, for their monetary benefits. Are they cheating these all millions of devotees?? It is said that they are lighting camphor, taken in large quantity, inside the forest and lifting it thrice. And the most important thing is no Puranas have mentioned anything about this 'celestial miraculous Jyothi'. So, it should be true.. right?? What you all say about this?

Some others believe that the Jyothi is the Arati performed by the rishis and devas residing in the hills!!! Happened to see an article in 'Kalakaumudi'. Here is it..

Is this a reality or cheating?

Signing off,

PS: I'm not an atheist. No personal interests to hurt the feelings of believers.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Golden chance we got..

It's only after reaching the campus today morning, we decided to set out for attending Richard M Stallman's talk which was held at UC College, Alwaye.

After 2 hours journey from Thrissur, we, 10 of us from our class reached there at around 11.15 in the morning. By then the lecture had started. Though the auditorium was almost houseful, we managed to get seats in the last row.

The talk was on "Free software in ethics and in practice". For the next 2 hrs, we had an interesting, inspiring speech on Free software. To be frank, I had to strain a little to understand his 'katta' english, because his unfamiliar accent :( Didn't get him word by word. But he could convey all his views to each and everyone of us.

He started with the drawbacks of Microsoft Windows, obviously in a sarcastic manner. Then talked about the merits of free software, regarding copyleft, emacs and many other topics too. Told about 'how and why schools should act to popularise software freedom'. Also told that we could be proud since Kerala is far above all other states in India.

Photo taken by Bristo with his camera in mobile --

"GNU/Linux respects other's freedom"

"Reject proprietary software and insist free software"

"Dont let others to have control over our freedom/power"

The description about RMS I saw there:

he started the Free Software Foundation..
he started the GNU Project..
he wrote the GCC Compiler..
he wrote the GDB Debugger..
he wrote the emacs editor..
he is a philosopher..

After the formal meeting was over, we, with 7 of our super seniors, waited to meet him personally and to invite him to our great GEC. We had to wait there for some time. Ours was the only group of students who got the chance to talk with him, that too so friendly.

For our unfortunate, he said he would not be available to come over here in the whole year 2008. Anyway, we asked his contact details and he, with pleasure, gifted his card to one among us(Devidas) and left.

Really a thrilling and inspiring experience it was!!

From there we went to Alwaye town, walked around there in search of a good hotel :) and had food finally. After that, had a short visit to Merlin's uncle's house. After having some snacks from there, we started our return journey and reached home at 6.15 in the evening.

Signing off,

PS: An interesting thing which I noticed just now - My Chettan and RMS celebrate their birthdays on the same day - March 16 :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Have a Good Day.

For the last 3-4 years, I'm under a serious addiction. Day by day, I'm becoming a more adverse addict, I guess. I wish I could get out of this junkie. Actually I'm not an addict, but a fan of it.

Oh, forgot to tell you what make my taste buds get excited.. Here is it...

Please don't laugh..

Almost on all days, in the evening I wonder how much Good Day biscuits I took on the very same day. Even the small kids won't take this much, I guess. I know it's not so advisable a habit. But, can't help!!

Even the shopkeeper here in Nellayi(our dear near Sathyan chettan) always keeps aside a biscuit packet for me. Each and every time before opening the packet, I tell to my parents that I decided to cut short biscuit consumption. Then they ask "Why should you?" Even they are not discouraging me!!

Even though all the products of Britannia are my favourites, I'm an ardent fan of Good Day. I've tried a lot other brands too. But couldn't find a better one.

Now it has reached a stage that it's really hard to pass a day without Good Day. Is this really an addiction???

************Britannia Good Day ************
************* Tim Tim Ti Tim**************

Signing off,

PS: Dedicated to all those who love biscuits.