Friday, March 20, 2009

Hai, hello..

Hai,, here comes my *half-century-milestone* post.. :)

I'm scribbling here a genuine/vague/ambiguous/insane doubt(?)/thought crossed my mind while I was preparing for my University exam in Operating-system(OS) paper(topics - time/resource sharing, time division etc.), last week.

Will love ever get divided?

I know, you'll be laughing, atleast smiling. Isn't it so?

So-called *facts*:
Happiness doubles with sharing.
Sorrow reduces with sharing.

And what about love?? Ok. I agree, it's a different breed of cat.

Actually, happiness complements sadness...right? If we are happy, it implies that we are not gloomy. It is a direct implication. Their joint effort neutralizes our life, which is a journey with a lots of ups and downs.

Is hatred complement of love? When we love someone, does it mean that we hate someone else?

Or when we love someone more, does it mean our love for someone else has lessened?

My doubt is that, will the individual-share reduce with the increase in number of clients? :)

Or else, our heart should be having a never-ending back-up storage for love!

Ok, that's enough for today. No point in pondering on this...that's your choice. Anyway, I'm leaving. You may or may not leave. You go on having brain(if any) work on this. ;)


Dear readers, as a token of love and gratitude for bearing me upto this 50th post, I offer you all this bunch of flowers.

Signing off,


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

LOL! :)

By the way, the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference. Or so I think.


Anonymous said...

"Or when we love someone more, does it mean our love for someone else has lessened?"

May be not, but when the 'someone more'comes, the existing 'someone' may feel so.

RoHiT said...

you are a genius priya..... you could give it as an intractable problem which completes NP.............!!!!!

Sorry... TC padichu padichu ingane aayi poyi...

Well cool thought, but I too have a similar answer to what Sandeep chettan said....
A situation : A mother has a two year old kid, and she gives birth to a second child. Now, as per what you said, mom's love for 1st kid should go down, and increase for her new cutie.. but that never happens, though her 1st kid may feel so.... ( anonymous' reply, movie " Ente veedum appunteyum...")

Anonymous said...

Hehe... Cool thought drops!!!

And, is 'love' quantifiable??

The best thing about computer science is that it is so close to philosophy(logic is an imp component in both) that we goes philosophical when we learn ((un?)fortunately it happens only during study leaves) it.. :)

BTW, How was the OS exam? :P


Nivil said...

having a new 'cutie' is like buyin a new harddisk. huge, yet lilmited storage.. ryt priya??

" My doubt is that, will the individual-share reduce with the increase in number of clients? :) "
that was saddistic, to say d least.

Bristow said...

Dear nly,

(love.happiness)'= love' + happiness' and also

(love + happiness )'= love' . happiness '

according to demorgan's theorem.

Also (love')' =love, you should consider the associativity and precedence of operators here in this case.

And heart is a turing machine with infinite tape length to right and left, so don't worry about the capacity, it's just infinite.

Anyway nice post nly...


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Priya!!!

Congratulations for your 50th Post. All the best to hit century and double century soon.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the half century achievement. May you cross the century this year itself!

The points raised by you are thought provoking.
I just thought of giving some thoughts on it and the net result is what I scribble below;-
Those who receive love become selfish and they find it very hard to accept that the person from whom one receives love starts loving some one else and indirectly starts hating the new entrant who also receives love from the same person
Then the LOVE of the mother is like a river –flows only in one direction. I do not think that one would be able to love one’s mother with the same intensity with which the mother loves the one .Also when "someone" enters the life of the child as life partner or lover the intensity of love of the “child” to the mother starts decreasing (this is my reading) and if the child is a girl she would start loving her children with the same intensity with which her mother loved her! So this is love –enjoy it when it comes to you, try to give maximum in return, love is life, love is god and GOD is one’s mother!

Devidas said...

congrats on your 50 post milestone. My piece of free advice to be considered or not as you wish:

Give your brains a rest.
Avoid blogger for sometime.
Make sure this feeling of thinking Rubbish has gone away completely before you return.

wishing a speedy recovery,
a reader ab initio

Hailstone said...

@ Chettan & anony,


@ Rohit,

you are a genius priya....
-- Thankyou, thankyou.. Rohit nenkilum athu manassilaayallo.

@ Vivek,

:) OS exam was just ok..

Hailstone said...

@ Nivil,

It was not a statement. It was just a doubt/question of mine. Thanks Nivil, for your comment.

@ Bristow,

Enne ingane Confucius aakkalle... :))

@ Anony-Prasad,

Thankyou for your wish and comment.

Hailstone said...
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Hailstone said...

@ Anony,


The points raised by you are thought provoking. Hmm..that makes me happy..

"Then the LOVE of the mother is like a river..." Soo.. true. I do agree with you.

@ Devidas,

Thanks for your comment and 'congarts'. Thank you for your piece of free advice too, even thouh I'm not planning to consider it.

Devidas said...

u r always welcome....
BTW i didnt get y ya put congrats as congarts in quote marks

പാവത്താൻ said...

I know I am a bit late. But just read your 50th post.It reminds me of a story read some time back.i think the name was "War". Two mothers, one has one son and the other three sons at the war front.One of the mothers says,"Love for the children is not like bread which is divided and given to them.You give the whole love to each of them.i think I have expressed the idea rather badly.But do read the story. Its by someone who got the Nobel prize.