Sunday, September 30, 2007

20-20 vs. 50-50

Retd. colonel Indhuchoodan teaches us the paper Switching theory and logic design. He's the new guest lecturer in our department. Last day, in his class after completing a module, we had a friendly chat with him.

He gave us a study class about communication and talked about his army life also. An excerpt from his talk -"First you study to listen others. Then only you can command others". We had a debate too - more details coming along. Many of my classmates actively participated in the debate.

Atlast we asked about his family. He has the world's beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children(-his own words-). His daughter got married!! All boys became desperate :( His son is an engineer by qualification, but now working as a journalist.

Out of curiosity, representing all girls, I asked him "Is he married ?" The whole class burst out into laughter. His reply - " No, he's not. But he is having 6 feet 2 inches height. Not at all matching for you all.."
Much more desperate :((

Coming to the title:

Our debate was on this: Is there any need to conserve our traditional 50 overs match??

One argument: T20 matches are very much enteratainable to all ranging from small children to aged ones. It's a matter of only 3 hours. An ordinary civilian(who's not so crazy over sports) get bored by this 50 over match. Another argument is that -- 50-50 matches are meant only for making money by ICC or some other related organisations.

Second argument: In T20 a bowler gets only 4 overs, which is not enough for him to prove his potential. T20 is explosive..but one can judge a player's real capability only in 50 over match. Considering this, 50 over matches are not to be killed. Winning T20 is just out of fluke or luck.

Here in our neighbourhood, there is an old man who's very much crazy about cricket matches. He along with his cute, little grand daughter comes to my home almost on all days. Yesterday we had a talk on this topic. He strongly supports 50 overs match. According to him, a good player has nothing to do with T20.

I'm putting this before you. Let us have a debate in the blogger world. Shall start with my opinion.. "Short and sweet 20-20"

Signing off,

PS: Above mentioned neighbour is having 2 televisions at his home. One for him to watch cricket and the other for his wife to watch mega (oh sorry, giga) serials :))


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Sandeep said...

good one..


Ramakrishnan said...

but it is 6 feet 2 inches. not 6 inches 2 feet

Hailstone said...

Thank you Rama..corrections made..

Anonymous said...

Both 20-20 and 50-50 are cool.. Except for the middle overs it's all blasting in 50-50 too.. Good bowlers perform well in 20-20 too, i guess (eg: Umar Gull)..


Devidas said...

As far as i can register my opinion abt this i guess 20 20 is better than bigger ones the time a tele viewer needs to spend glued to tv is drastically reduced and these matches are far more interesting than 50 50's.

Anonymous said...

Your class seems to be adjusted with the colonel now. Hope we too will be.


Rohith said...

hailstone, maybe it wud be better to hear .." You learn to 'obey', then only u can command".. is it not..??

Twenty20 is a small action packed thriller intended to attract more people, esp in countries like SA.. In India , both wud have equal status.. And yeah when it comes to deciding quality of players, even a 50 over match isnt enuf I guess, let alone 20 overs... Esp when it comes to bowlers.. All rools biased against bowlers, with batsmen having no restrictions watsoever.. Its true that the man of the match n series were bowlers.. but has anyone seen how much they were hit for(economy)..?? Thats were it bcomes " more of a batsman's game than bowler's "

Rohith said...

ooops..... 'rools' -> rules

Hailstone said...

@ Nikhil,

All the best. :P

Ava said...

You write very well.

Hailstone said...

@ Ava,
thnks :)