Sunday, September 9, 2007

Homely get together.

It was a great day for all of us. I mean for all my gang of friends, including me.

We were planning a get together in my home since last month. At last, they all decided to come over here today.

To be frank, my parents were a little scared about 'how to treat all these 20 children?' The only demand of my friends were a good veg. sadhya and a homely get together.

They reached here by 11.00 in the morning. My amma could recognise ALL of them and told their names too(from my day to day description on college routines) . Even Achan was also not that bad. He told their native places and profession of parents(-areas where he is interested-).

Had some chit-chats with my parents. Then we went to my fathers's ancestral home by walk. Walked through many plantain plantations and along the river side. Spent a little time with my grand mother there.

In the return journey also, we opted for short-cut way and so climbed over one compound wall on our way. The journey was really interesting.

Spent a looot time in the 'kadavu' of 'Kurumali' river. Played in water, sat in that 'kadavu', took photos. They all told me that they loved the place so much. Returned back to home in a satisfaction that I could show them the beauty of Nellayi.

Then we had lunch. I hope the 'sadya' was up to thier expectations. Everything was prepared from here only. We had arranged a fullfledged sadhya with paayasam and all.

After that we played anthaakshari sitting in front of my sweet home, met some of my friends here in my village(changathikoottam friends).

In the evening, we had tea with 'pazhampori' and parippuvada'. As the end of the event(Kalaassakottu), we sung songs together. At around 5.00 in the evening they returned back.

Everyone in this locality knew about our get together. Somebody asked my friends "What's there going on in Priya's house?"

I'm so happy that all my friends came(may be because of my threteaning - "vannillenkil njan pinangum" :)). Thank you all.. My parents also liked them so much.
I'm sure that they also liked my parents, Nellayi and all other nellayiyans :) Some of them were telling my parents to come with our class excursion(unofficial one, without permission) as guardians.

Nothing more..

Bye for now.

Signing off,


Black is beautiful said...

this reminds me of my college days :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy these good day....


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

shall reply once i get back to munich

Anonymous said...

priya,we also need a guardian for our next tour..


Hailstone said...

Sreerenj chetto..

Kaaryam parigananayil vachittundu.. :))

Devidas said...

It was a really enjoyable visit to mystic land of Nellayi...
To be frank, the place was totally different from the expected imagery I had in my mindframe.
Though Sethu and myself reached after the lion's share of fun was over, we indeed enjoyed the sumptuous feast prepared and provided by Priya's parents( don't think she had any hand in preparing any of the dishes :)).

It is , but the very purpose of such trips, to get to know ewveryones' personal background in rough detail and to let know the parents at home the strength of the bond of friendship we have amongst us.

I think the purpose was served, truly,wasn't it so,Priya??

Hailstone said...

Pls. don't underestimate me, Devidas.(in the case of cooking)

Pinne, abt our friendship..i guess.. they knew about it even before our get together. Anyway, you all could know more abt my parents and Nellayi.
Really, it was a great great day.

Devidas said...

@ priya
no underestimation what so ever.
facts as presented by you on that day( remember??!!) :)
well, i was talking about the trips in general and i gues in that context my points are valid.aren't they??
by the way where should the next trip be to??
pattambi(tony's home),irinjalakuda(renjith's home),or else out of district to ardra or remya's home.
what do you say??!!
should go before the 1 and 2 results are out.