Thursday, August 30, 2007

Onam...Ponnonam ..'Continued'

Not only in college, here in my home and village also I had a grand onam celebration.

Here in Nellayi, we've a gang of friends called 'Changathikoottam'. The gang members range from KG students to college student(that's I :)). We 6 elder members are the leaders and all others subordinates.

On 'Thiruvonam' we made 'pookkalam' in front of the temple, next to my house.

Then we went to a nearby temple by our own cycles. We had made every arrangements for 'kummattikali' on the very same day.

After onasadhya, everybody gathered here and made kummatties ready with their make-up and all. There were 3 kummatties and 1 maveli. We went to all the near-by houses and got a collection, which was not that bad.

Many children joined us in our 'kummatti' song and enjoyed. From many houses we got banana chips, raw banana, ada (dont know the correct english name. Sweet steam cake might be correct) etc. In the evening, we returned back and had all those eatables we got.

Our gang with kummatties infront of my home.

On the 2-nd Onam, we organized an 'Onakkali'- i.e., some games and competitions for children. Everybody except we 6, having 'changathikoottam' badge, participated in musical chair, spoon race, eating neem leaf etc. We gave away prizes for all winners and a special prize for 'over-all' champion.

Many parents were also there. The event turned out to be a great success. The appreciations we got for 'kummatti' and 'onakkali' were beyond our expectations.

On the third day(3-rd onam), we had arranged 2 sets of 'Thiruvathirakkali'. One by senior gang (which incudes all mothers of this locality) and the other by junior gang(that includes me and my friends).

As I was a part of the Thiruvathirakkali, couldn't take a photo of it in my camera :(

All in all, 'Changathikoottam' rocked during these holidays.

I'm really happy and proud to say that the center of every dicussions regarding the celebration happened to be my home. Decision making and execution were also done here itself. May be because my parents are also interested in these enjoyments.

The most sad thing is that we all have to wait 1 long year for the next onam to come. I, amma, achan and all my friends here expect and wish the presence of my chettan during our next onam celebration.

Signing off,

PS: This post is dedicated to Karthik anna(Black is beautiful).


Anonymous said...

Nice pookalam... simple but beautiful.


Black is beautiful said...

Thankkkkk uuuuuuu !!!! and a good pookolam..

My onam here was a good comedy :P.... we went to a place here for onam sadya and got a big "BULB"...

Hailstone said...

@ Karthik anna,

Amma told me abt your onasadhya

Black is beautiful said...

had my sadya now :D

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

long time .. no see