Friday, August 3, 2007


Today, as usual, in the morning went to college and had our first hour - maths class. Next two hours, we were free. As the coming sunday is Friendship day, we had a plan to celebrate it today. We all exchanged frienship bands and all.

2-3 weeks back, we 10-15 from our class had decided to plant some trees in front of our Department and got some seedlings ready to be planted . We were asked to get an approval from the teacher, who is in charge of campus beautification. At last, today we got the approval. We planted 5-6 plants and gave them a protection barrier too. Thus, we managed to execute the first step of algorithm - "How to make a seedling grow to a big tree" properly.

In the afternoon we had no classes. So we decided to celebrate Friendship Day. But we had no plan on 'how to celebrate?' Always we used to have instantaneous plans. All of us decided to visit 'Anappaara', a beautiful place 2-3 kms away from our college. Around 20 of my friends were with me. We walked for almost 1 km and then got a bus and reached Anappaara.

The beauty of the place lies in the big big rocks. On the top there is a huge rock, which looks like an elephant. We all climbed the hill and reached a plain surface. We kept our bags and chappals there. Looking up, we were much more confused--'should we go up or go down?' That much steep was the climb.

We all, except 3 girls and 1 boy, were ready to take much more challenges and started the adventurous climbing. To be frank, I didn't find it as a tiresome job. I and two of my friends (Tony and Bristo) were the first to reach the top of all rocks and finally we conquered the peak of Anappaara. Within a few minutes, rest of us reached the top and felt we were on the top of the world.

The sight from there was really amazing. Fantastic place it is!! I wished I had my camera with me :( We could see the whole Thrissur and our campus from there. We spent there some time and took some photos(mobile ph. cameras).

As there was a chance of raining, we started getting down, which was a little more hard. I managed to get down the hill without the help of others. Some of my friends found it really hard to get down. We all reached down safely, had a short visit to Vivek's house and walked towards the bus stop.

Then it started raining. Oh, it was like nature pouring anger to somebody. Such a heavy rainfall it was!! Thank God, by that time we all reached down. There was a strong wind too.

Within a few minutes, we were wet as if we had a bath in rain. At that time, I had some nostalgic feeling. My mind peeped into the thoughts of my younger days, while I and my chettan used to run and have bath in rain. Everybody cursed the rain. But, I was very very happy, in the thouhts of seedlings we planted in the morning. Got into a bus and reached home at the usual time.

So, for the first time in my life, I celebrated friendship day. And it gave me a fabulous and unforgettable experience with an adventurous trip and could do something for our college on the very same day. I'm really really happy about that.

Signing off,

PS. 1: The place is really so beautiful.
2: I could see the love, unity and care for friendship among ourselves.
3: As a consequence of our trip, now the whole body is paining very much :(


tonnes said...

hi di,that thing u have and freindship among us...could'nt have had a better way as celebrate it.

Black is beautiful said...

how come I missed that place ?

Anonymous said...

Planting trees is a good move..

Feeling a bit jealous about the trip.. (missing all those trips in college)


Hailstone said...

@ Karthik anna,
Next time when you come to Kerala, we shall go there.

@ Vivek,
Have you not gone there yet?
If not, next time when Karthik anna comes, you can join us :)