Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today we had our Onam celebration in college. Really superb, fantastic, fabulous, amazing.... etc. the celebration was. Simply 'great'.

In the morning, we made 'pookkalam' in our class. In front of our department, there was another big one, made by our super seniors. Helped with that too. Here is it--

After that, we'd many interesting games (like musical chair and 'vellam kudi matsaram'). There were crackers . Then comes the most important part - 'Onasadhya', with all the dishes and 2 kinds of 'paayasam'. Our seniors served to us and we served them back. Really a good experience it was.

After that, we had some chit-chats and returned home happilly, without having any bitter thoughts of our series exams that finished yesterday.

That's all for today.

You can expect one more post related to 'Onam'.

Signing off,

PS.1: It is our seniors who made the event such a great success. So, this post is dedicated to them.

PS.2: Advance "Happy Onam" wishes to all of you.


Black is beautiful said...

The first college student to say that "musical chair" is an "interesting" game :D
LOL :D.. grow up hailstone ..

p.s. good pookolam and i expect more photos of onam celebrated at our house..

Mad said...

Brings back some nostalgic memories of mine when i was in kerala doing my B.Tech.. Gone are those days .... I really miss those dime-a-dozen Pookalams which could be seen in Kerala during Onam.

lakshmi said...

Priyakutty..nannayi ezhuthunnu. I'll be back :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Onam..

And which pookalam is in the pic??

-the one by seniors, i guess..


Hailstone said...

@ Lakshmi chechi,

Thankyou. Should come back :)

@ Vivek,

You are right.
We too helped them by cutting flowers and giving moral support :D

Black is beautiful said...

good..before the next onam comes :), post the pics of onam celebrations please.....

Hailstone said...


its chittu said...

priya neelayi,,,,,,,,,,,
njanum ethitto.........
spar aayitundallo blog.........