Saturday, August 16, 2008

A wild simile!!!

Do relationships fade with time?

Of course. Most of the relationships do fade with time...atleast I think so.

Warning: I'm having a habit of going for some insane thoughts at times... Are they insane?, its not!! Some of you might find it so.. not claiming anything. Anyway, one among those stupidity goes here. I mean to say, Danger ahead!!

Okay. Back to the title - a wild simile!! I was thinking how much similar our life relationships and stars appearing on the sky, over a single night. Life is just like a starry night and each of our relations can be compared to the stars. The intensity of relationships we have is just like the brightness of stars. It may fade with time and circumstances... Right??

Can't resist admitting the fact that many good relations do get faded as time flies off. In the journey of life, it just happens that way, unknowingly. But.... 'To forget is a bliss' holds true at times. Isn't that true?

We know some stars vanish from our view gradually, along with, some others appearing and becoming much brighter. These all exactly depicts the relations we come across our way.

A few stars remain dim all through, which reminds me of the acquaintances we have. On the other hand, a few others shine as dazzling diamonds through out the night, that resemble the relations that are soo.. close to us always. Those stars would be symbolising our family relations.

I'm doubtful how many of you get the idea that I want to convey here and how you interpret this!! Everything is clear in my intellect, but don't know how to unveil it.. :( This topic had been there in my mind for the past two weeks, but had no idea how to start with.

Song of the day: Kangal irandal - Really a lovely song!!!

Signing off,

PS 1: Courtesy for the song - Chettan.

PS 2: These all are my own views. There may be contradictions.. But my views are my views

PS 3: Am I going a bit crazy these days?


Bristow said...

"To forget is a bliss" May be some times I too think so...
And one more thing nly, you didn't mention the role of moon here...:)

PS:-You are so sentimental these days...

Hailstone said...

Enikku ingane oru 'bhodhodhayam' undaayathu oru amavaasi divasamaayirunnu, bristo.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...
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Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

LOL! :)

the reply to the comment ... that's superb! :)

Anonymous said...

Beware of Supernovas...

Anish Bhaskaran

Hailstone said...

Oh sure!! :) Thankyou for the warning and for dropping by here.

Anonymous said...

Enthupatti mashe, kurachukaalamayi oru thathwachintha line aanallo!

a regular reader.

Anonymous said...


RoHiT 'Z' CoOl said...

hmm...... Well its we who feel the stars lose its shineness, but actually it never does....

So are relationships.. It may not have faded away as you think, but sometimes we tend to think that way...

@ the post
Nice interpretation, but I dont agree a 100% to it. Some are true, some are ambiguous.
Like what bristo asked, where's the MOON... ?

if u get time, pls do read my blog.

VIPIN said...
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VIPIN said...

hiii priya..
I am a new reader of your blog
As we know sun is the biggest star.
In your comparison only stars in the night were considered.wats going to be its role in your comparison with relationships in life?or is life only a starry night 4 u??For u,is not life as bright as a day??

Devidas said...

ente daivame....
ithentha budhdhi jeevikalude meetingo?!!!
priya whats happening to you?
been reading some book on philosophy or astrology?

Hailstone said...

@ regular reader,

Vallappozhum kurachu philosophy okke illenkil jeevithathil oru thrill undaakillanne.

@ anon,

Hope you saw my warning..

@ rohit,

Ya, I know some are ambiguous.. Manassil thonniyathu ezhuthiyennu maathram.. Pinne, its we human are the reason for fading relations..its we who feel the star lose true!!

As I replied him, that day there was no moon..njan athine patti vallathe thala pukaykkunilla...

@ Vipin,

Hmm...most of the time life is bright as a day. But its not so always.... rite??

Thankyou for visiting my blog and commenting..

@ Devidas,

:).. Nothing happening to me as of now.

Anonymous said...

nice post.. very touching. With star analogy we must also keep in mind that those stars we think (and see) to be there may not exist at all... just a visual deception.

Hailstone said...