Monday, October 6, 2008

Student Suvidha - latest trend!!!

BSNL Kerala has launched Student Suvidha, a special mobile pre-paid package for students during Onam.The Scheme offers low cost tariff for local calls and 2,000 free SMS facility to any netwrok within Kerala per month and only 10 paise will be charged per SMS beyond the limit.

It's a fact that Suvidha has created a wave among the students..that too a strong wave. Demand for Suvidha sim is sky rocketing each day. Many students are hurrying for this, since the stock is limited(they say). Soo..many friends of mine have changed to Suvidha plan.

For the past few years, BSNL-Cellone has been considered as inferior to other mobile connection providers. Many of us rated Cellone plans as worthless and fruitless. It seemed like a sort of indifference towards BSNL by all.. It's true that many of the tariffs are not so beneficial.

But BSNL has come back with all its power and colour. I'm sure all other providers will come along with many more offers like this!!! So, BSNL-Cellone proved to be the trend setter.

I'm wondering what's the need of this 2000 free messages!!! Actually, now it's a flow of forwarded messages. To be frank, I dont read all such messages. Message inbox is always full. Some of my friends also feel like this. So, the other side of the coin is...there are so many victims also for this scheme.


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Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


You people can have a small project to find out spam-messages and delete them (or even move to a spam folder)

It could be a kutti-little project. PCE should be able to guide you all! right? :)

Also, some auto-forward facilities, sms-group (a list of one's sms-victims) etc. etc. ;)


arun said...

I have wrote about this plan before anyone took it. The call charges are quite high . Its not competitive enough. only a feeling.

logan... said...

"I'm wondering what's the need of this 2000 free messages!!!"

say that to our vincent she finished off the 2000 messages allowed to her for the first month and had to send messages @ 10ps per message.....

and good post staying up to the latest trends good work...

Anonymous said...


Navaratri wishes..


S.V.Ramanunni said...

we (govt.)are giving moblie schemes to students .then,abusing them for usuing mobile phones.what a pity.

vijayadasami aasamsakal
hari sri ganapathaye nama:

Devidas said...

suvidha is what bsnl shud hav launched a year or two ago...
late lateefs... anyways, better late than never

RoHiT 'Z' CoOl said...


2000 sms is nothing for a person who sends group sms.. (I'd sent more than 6k in a month when I got unlimited offer!)

I can see someone scratching head to toe to put a post up...:)

anyway a nice variety...

Bristow said...

anyway BSNL realized "it's now or never" that's why they gave this wonderful offer for us, students...

And the procedure is simple, we can get a sim in half an hour...after completing the application form...

Hailstone said...

@ Chettan,

Your suggestion is under consideration. :)

@ Arun & s.v.ramanunni,

Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment.

@ logan,

I was really shocked to hear that from her.

Hailstone said...

@ Vivekettan,
Thanks for the wishes. Navaratri thakarthu!!!

@ Bristow & Devidas,
Thanks for the comments.

@ Rohit,
"My new number is this -- ...."
--- ee msgnte pravaaham kandu ezhuthy poyathaa suhruthe. :)

Hiran Venugopalan said...

This is the first time BSNL considering the students as a mobile user. The plan is designed is such a way that a student could use the means of communication is economic way. The plan suggest a recharge of 169 or something for 3 months working.

Like everything, this is also having certain issues, which YOU can solve. You can screen the msg, warn them, complain a dnd to bsnl and all. There are much mobile services who gives more options than this in different part of the world. [Check the trarrif of suvidha kerala with that of tamilnadu]

And no sms are SPAM. Its the same person who sent you jokes daily messages the exam notification!

Well the move from the BSNL side is good one, though it is late, as devidas said.Thanks to BSNL, for the plan which made my mobile expense to 35% what I had!

B Shihab said...

deepavali ashamsakal

Riaz said...

hey hailstone

did BSNl stop the issue of Student Suvidha? If so , why?

5th Sem, ME, SCT, TVM

Riaz said...
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Hailstone said...

@ b shihab,
Thanks for visiting.. nd thanks for wishes too.

@ riaz,
Sorry. No idea.

Hailstone said...

Oh.. forgot to reply Hiran.. too changed too BSNL!!! Good..

Thankyou for visiting here..

kiransut said...

9447 series suvidha plans can send isd msg to qatar for free...its really working

Anonymous said...

hai BSNL
i m a usr of student suvidha..old plan.....2000 sms free plan....i request BSNL 4 giv more validity vouchers 4 long time...validity