Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm back..

It has been soo.. long since I wrote my last entry. Really shameful..I think. Not because anything big or special happened these days. A lot of happenings did happen. Didn't feel like writing it anyway. Even today, I'm not in that mood to write anything interesting for you. But, have to show atleast a minimum justice to the blogger world...right??

As you know, from April 10th to 20th Chettan was at home. We all had a great Vishu this time. Celebrated it grandly with all my 'Changaathikoottam' friends here, having a lot of crackers and all. Not planning to write all the happenings passed during these days today itself :). Now I intend to scribble here only about a small trip I had on April 16th - Pooram day, with my friends from my place.

We set out for visiting Boothathaankettu, Idamalayar dam, Thattekaadu and Kodanadu in that pleasant morning. My brother too accompanied us. The trip was simply superb!! It was more like a trip from college, even with a gang of children ranging from 5 year old kid to 20 year old myself :). I didn't expect the trip to be this much 'adipoli'.

No matter where we went. But, how happily we spent each and every second..that's the thing matters. In our bus, we around 30 childern were there.First we went to 'Kodanadu', training centre for elephants. Saw a lot of elephants there, watched 'aana kuli' too :). On the way, had a halt at Kalady 'Sree Sankara Sthoopam', where Sree Sankara's life is depicted on its walls.

Our second destination was Boothathaankettu. The cool of boating we had there was really nice. Following that, we went for a walk in the forest for 3-4 Kms, along the side of a stream running down calmly. The journey was really adventurous and thrilling. Saw Boothathaankettu dam too.
As next, we left there for visiting Idamalayar dam. Sooo.. a lovely place it is!!..hills covered with green grass and green tinted water in the lake looked like a silk blanket over the land. From there, we had our lunch.

By afternoon, sky got clouded over and started pouring tears, as if in a great grief that our trip was going to have a finish. On the way back, made a short visit to Thattekadu bird sanctuary, where we couldn't see even one bird :) Return journey was really excellent, dancing and enjoying. By the bye, saw a notice, diplayed in the bird sanctuary. Even though a bit (??) late, anyone who is keenly intersted can contact the officials there :)

Actually, my brother didn't have a plan to come with us. His plan was to go for Thrissur pooram. Only on that morning, he changed his decision and came with us. Anyway, I'm sure he enjoyed well and is satisfied enough with what he got with us, which is even more than the thrill he would have had attending the pooram. On the other hand, we too are happy, for he made our trip more exciting and jolly.

I didn't intend to have such a long write up about this 'one day trip'!!. It just happened this way. Anyway, I shall let you all know other 'happenings' too in the following days. So, bye for now.

Signing off,

PS: I promise you all that I'll be a bit more regular in blogger from today. Oooh.. who is badly in need my promise!!! :)


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Well.. :)
Welcome back.
Well written

By any chance, do you remember that you are tagged?


Hailstone said...

Ya. I do remember it chetta...

primofacto said...

Cool entry... good pics... nywy it won't be as adipoli as our colg trip, I bet...;)

Sry for the late comments...

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@Hailstone and Primofacto...

It is like comparing apples and oranges.

Both are really good - in different ways.

my 2 cents :)

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

hmm.. cool...

ennappinne nammukku oru compsciz trip angottokke aakande... endu parayunnu

vinujose said...

Priya,you forgot your bhai when you mentioned age-group- "from 5 to 20". Does your brother fall in this group?lol

Btw,I had visited there in my 8th or so from Sunday Catechism classes. It was actually a prize or consolation tour for full attendance and class firsts.As you know me now,I didnt take much leave and fell into 1st But for me,it wasnt that enjoyable as my good friends werent there- just like now,my friends will take many

You may be wondering why I use this "lol" often. Actually it has become my habit after being a regular posting member of a Ha ha

Hailstone said...


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