Monday, December 8, 2008

It was great...

Last week I got an invitation card(entry pass) to attend the Family feast cum Alumni meet in my old school, where I studied till my 10th class. Was waiting for the day to come. And yesterday from morning itself, I was so thrilled..

But you know, in the evening before starting from home, I forgot to take the entry pass :( I was on the way, in bus, by the time this thing came to my mind.. What to do? Nothing!Anyway, I called amma and told the matter… She told “It’s your school..what’s the need to worry”.. Ya, It’s my school..lets see…I thought.

A small girl, standing beside me, smiled at me and asked - “we’ve an extra pass. Chechi, let me give that to you?” With pleasure I accepted the offer, but who’s she?

I: Ok..Thank you! But, you..?

Girl: Chechi, I remember you…our school leader..(nice girl ;) )

And the surprising thing is now she’s in 6th standard. And when I was in 10th, she was onlyin 1st standard. And she remembers me.. Good memory power!! :)

I was so punctual that I reached there at sharp 5.00 PM. A lot of new teachers…totally strange faces. But all the students greeted me - ‘hi Priya chechi’. Current PTA President came to me and had a welcome note. Had a warm welcome for all of us. The air was filled with a feel of nostalgia…

Almost all in our batch had come. Met my teachers too…had a long chat with them. Our whole gang was there – Sunitha, Somia, Rintu, Rosemol, Deepa, Saneesh, Vijith, Shyam …etc No much changes for anyone..I mean no behavioral changes. In looks….hmm…everyone has changed. All these girls looked so beautiful. And boys..some of them became a bit stylish.

Crowd was really big, more than what we all expected, might be because of the ‘announced magic show’. We were really fed up with the boring speeches. And so, took our seats in the extreme back and were not patient enough. We made a hell of noise.. With a furious look, current Head Mistress came roaring - “Children, keep a minimum standard. This is a school(=> this is not a market). Don’t disturb others.” (-in that ‘kanyasthree’ style of scolding-) She was right..and so we cleared the place with no delay. Sat in the garden/kids park for a long time having chit chats.

In between, we had food, walked along the corridors in school, sat in our old class rooms, went to chapel, prayed before the grotto…..had a dive in to the evergreen long lasting nostalgic memories of our school days.

By the way, Prof. P.C.Thomas was one among the guests. I’d a wish to talk with him. I asked all my friends to come with me. But they weren’t interested. Their response was – ‘Are you mad? He doesn’t know us’. Ya…It’s true. But, I know him, so what’s wrong in greeting him. I wasn’t ready to give up. Straight away I went to him and talked. He patted me on back and blessed. Really a respectable person!

Achan came to pick me up, so that he got a chance to meet his teacher, Prof. P.C.Thomas. Achan was his student in St.Thomas college. Actually, sir was about to leave. You know, as achan went near him, he hugged achan telling others ‘he was my pet student’(achan aalu kollamallo!). I’m proud of my achan :)

Had really a good time with all of them – with kutti kutti fights, photo session, gossips etc.. Teachers too were so happy to see all of us together. The function was really nice…well arranged. Reached home by 10.30 in the night.

One more thing.. Boys were asking us about our marriage.. Phew, it’s too early to ask such a question!!!

Current song: Ormmakkai iniyoru snehageetham…

Signing off,

PS 1: We all Nellayiyans planning to attack BSNL office soon(related with *PS* in the last post).

PS2: Sorry for the loong post. Never mind, since this is an entry coming after a long interval.


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Good one.

Well... did 'achan' talk to PCT about me! ;)

Devidas said...

everyone greeted you? ithentha vellarikapattanamo.... ithinum maathram famous aayirunnu schoolil ennanno paranju varunnath.. veruthe jaada parayathe po maashe....

RoHiT said...

nice entry altogether..
enda Mr. Devidas, oru school-captaine aarengilum marakkuo?
Nice that you talked to Mr PC Thomas. I have due respects for him as person but not his institution.. A jail better than Viyyur one

WoW.. your dad wuz a superb student, your bro too, how come Priya, you are like this? ( kidding okay)

Devidas said...

@rohit... yup u r rite.. njan pand mysooril aayirunnappol.. :D
ee priya veruthe parayunnatha ente rayappa... she wasn't her school head girl... i have information from reliable sources...:)
mansil kuttabodhamundengil cheyyuanthellam yaanthrikamaayirikum.. my hone no. is.. 22 55 222 :P

logan... said...

nice one KV....
its really a pleasant experience to meet your friends from school times,spending time with them at the places where you had actually caused havoc and confusion....;)

and i understand your thrill in waiting to meet them...i am in a similar state

and i hope u understand now wat sailesh means by all the dreams on OUR alumni meets.....

Anonymous said...

Nostalgic.. Ithupole orennam ezhuthiyalo ennalogikkukeyanu.. :)

So, the magic show happened or what
?? :P


Bristow said...

nly kollam...

miss my school days...

Hailstone said...

Thankyou all for the comments.. Could not reply to you all since phone dead here.. and now from college..

Ramakrishnan said...

nice entry there...



Devidas said...


Hailstone said...

@ Chettan,

Illa.. Sir aake thirakkilaayirunnu. :)

@ Devidas,
Yes, this cucumber town..

@ Rohit,

@ Vivek,
Ya..Magic show was there..,but we didn't watch it.

@ Bristow, Raman & Logan,