Monday, June 2, 2008


Water on Mars.. They've proved it.


One more... Look, the circles are rotating.. A moving bicycle..

Looks nice.Doesn't it?

Signing off,

PS: Saw the 2 pics in some other blogs :) And seemed inetersting to upload it here.


primofacto said...

Nice pics:)

Entha nellayi posts idan oru madi pole... Updates thammil oru gap...:)

Hailstone said...


Hmm.. cheriyoru madi!! Shall try to be more regular here... Wait for some interesting posts.. :)

Anonymous said...

hi K V

whats wrong???

your recent posts lacks the usual enthusiastic spirit that you are so famous for...

buck up
we do expect better , something more original and creative from you

maintain those high standards that you had set for yourself

pardon me if i am being too rude
but i believe in expressing what you feel more than what you think


Anonymous said...

Good pics

Hailstone said...

@ Rogen,
Its not rude and all.. Thank you for being soo honest.. For sure.. I shall try to improvise..

@ Devidas,