Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wah TAJ Wah !!!

Day before yesterday, ie on 7-7-07, our TAJ MAHAL has been declared as the 7th wonder of world. Yes, it proved to be the apt date for announcing 7 wonders of world. Otherwise, we would have to wait for another 100 years for such an awesome date.

The campaign for the selection of 7 wonders of modern world was launched by SWISS group. In the intial stage 200 nominations were got. As you all know, the selection was done by a global poll through SMS and internet. A criticism now arised is that this campaign, selection and all was did only for the private profits/benefits of Swiss group and a number of mobile phone companies, among which Airtel is the most benefited one in India.

Since Swiss is not an authorised or accepted organisation like UNESCO, this claim may be true. Even if the rumour is true, the selection is wholly based on votes made by the people all over the world. And the outcome of the campaign turned favourable to us, Indians.

Thus one more feather to the crown of Indian heritage and India. TAJ proved to be the pride of India.

So lets give a grand salute to Swiss too.

Taj Mahal (a.k.a Valentines Mahal) can be literally called as a monument of love. I wonder how much did Shah Jahan love Mumtaz, for he made such a beautiful monument in memory of his loving wife. It is known as a beautiful romantic poem written in white marble.

10 reasons which made the name of Taj confirmed in the list of wonders -- I read this in an article. Eventhough all have similar meaning, it seemed interesting.

1. Taj is the symbol of love forever.
2. Taj is the symbol of sacrifycing life to someone you love.
3. Taj is the symbol of peace.
4. Taj is the symbol of pride and honor.
5. Taj is the symbol of purity.
6. Taj is the symbol of beauty and perfection.
7. Taj is the symbol of dream.
8. Taj is the symbol of dedication.
9. Taj is the symbol of Indian heritage.
10.Taj is the TAJ OF INDIA.

Years back, me with my father infront of TAJ MAHAL.

TAJ, Hatsoff...

PS.1: Dedicated to all those who voted for TAJ.

Signing off,


Anonymous said...

well written!
- Sandeep

7/7/70 and 7/7/77 - these two dates also are good enough. So, we don't have to wait 100 years :)

vivek said...

Taj is really a wonder.

3. Taj is the symbol of peace.
4. Taj is the symbol of pride and honor.

is it???

Slashing off the hands of everyone behind the great work signifies peace and honour??

Hailstone said...

Taj is the pride of India.
The great work is an honor to Mughal family and Indian heritage.

Ofcorse, it is not a symbol of peace.

Anonymous said...

really nice post...but li'l bloopers here n dere...keep writing!!! :)