Monday, July 16, 2007

A blank mind (???)

It was my decision to put atleast one post in a week. Seven days have passed since I wrote the last post. I intend to stick on to my decision. So, it's time to write something over here. But, I'm not having anything in my mind, which is ready enough to be written. To be frank, my mind is blank -- a feeling of emptiness masks my thoughts.

Yes, got the topic !!!

Is it possible for a person to remain a short interval of time without having any thoughts??? I mean, I doubt if it is possible to have a 'null' state of mind. Is this state of mind, called meditation ?? I dont know. If that is meditation, I'm sure that I cant meditate. It is not possible for me to remain thoughtless even for a few seconds. I dont think that it is possible for others too. May be possible!!

In Science, we've studied "vacuum fills the space". Vacuum is filling emptiness. Just like that, the thought of 'no thoughts' fills our mind, if we are not involved in some other thoughts. Right ?

Enough for today!!! Otherwise, working out a solution for this paradox will push me in to a state of insanity.

Actually, today I'd a plan only to put a nice(??) picture. Here it is ....
A photo of a beautiful flower (from our garden), taken today evening.

Conclusion: So, my mind was not fully blank, since it had a thought of blankness :)

Signing off,


Anonymous said...


ideas to be discussed..

and the "emptiness thing" discuss with *dinil* ;)


Anonymous said...

well written.
the photo (of course, the flower),
looks very nice.


Black is beautiful said...

good post..
and how come u didn't inform me that u started ur blog ?

Hailstone said...

Thankyou Karthik anna..
And abt blog...Sorry. I thought you would have seen it frm chettan's blog.

Hailstone said...
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Anonymous said...

the picture you put in orkut was also from your garden ?

Dinil said...

Going to a `null' state is not meditation. As far as I know, in meditation, we focus on some `object'.

By the way, this leads to the same thoughts that I posted once - a coincidence ? :)

Hailstone said...

@ Sreerenj

No, it's not taken by me.

@ Dinil chettan

Yes..mere coincidence