Monday, July 23, 2007

Transition from a 'Villain' to a 'Heroine'...

Today I'm planning to write about an incident that happened yesterday. It's like a story, which is having a happy climax. In the evening, I was sitting with my parents, in the sit-out of our house. Meanwhile, my father could figure out some sounds near the corner of our compound wall. It was a bird (probably mother bird) sitting there calmly with its 11 children. It had some similarity with a duck !! I hurried to take their photo. Took 2-3 snaps.

For getting a 'close-up', I went nearer. They should have got scared by me and my camera-flash, since the parent bird flew away with a high speed. Actually, I was the one who got scared the most and ran back, with a fear of bird's attack, to where my parents stood.

So, now all the 11 children remained inside our compound and the parent got trapped on the road(road with no traffic :)) next to our house, not knowing where his/her children were.. Within 2-3 minutes crows surrounded the area with a thirst of attacking the kids, who were like orphans then. We protected them by throwing stones at crows. After a short interval of time, we could see another big bird on the road with the first one. Should be its 'life-partner'.

Atlast, my father decided to take the babies one by one to the road. He could shift one child to the road. Meanwhile, hearing the noise of their children, both the parents flew back to our compound. So, now the condition became worse -- One child outside and all the other family members together inside.

Our effort in search of the 'odd one out' were in vain. I and my mother were observing (from our terrace) the desperate family, wandering in search of the missing one. I prayed a lot for the union of the family. I was melting like a candle, since I felt -- it was because of me they had such a bad fate.

They were walking to and fro near our boundary. We too had a parallel path on our terrace corresponding to their motion, eager to know 'what is going to happen'. How caring the parents are..One among the parents walked in front, then the babies, finally the other big bird (couldn't identify the gender), seemingly to resist attack from both sides.

-Parents with 10 children-

Climax: After a long time, we could see the missing one on the road. My father was not at home at that time, and we both were not ready to take a bird in our hands. We became bewildered not knowing 'what to do?'. Meanwhile, a stranger passed the way by cycle. We stopped him and requested him to help us. He took the kid and carried it to his/her parents.

We all became happy. Thus we could see the happy family with parents and all the 11 children. Actually, I wished to take a 'family photo', but was not daring enough to go near them, as there was a chance of having a 'personal grudge' against me.

Their minds and face would have filled with joy (- my assumption-). For a long time, we could hear them making noise in glee. Would have celebrated well.
Eventhough I had a role of 'villain' in the initial stage, in the climax I was one among the heroines (the other one -- my amma :)).
There ends the story.

Even now we are not sure about what kind of bird it is..Someone said -it is duck. The other claims are 'Kulakozhi' and 'Eranda'.(dont know the english names)

I want to write one more thing, which is an entirely different subject.

--Today I had my first class at Pramode sir's IC. We had a casual talk with him -- just an informal one. We were allowed to ask questions for which he gave answers. We all have many expectations. Hope those all expectations will be fulfilled by us with his help. Will write more about PCE classes later, knowing about it a bit more.

PS. I tried to shorten the post, but couldn't cutshort 'the story'. Apologize me if it bored you.

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Black is beautiful said...

PS. I tried to shorten the post, but couldn't cutshort 'the story'. Apologize me if it bored you. "

its ur blog :D and u can write whatever u feel like writing...

vivek said...

Nice pics...

All the best for the class..
You people gonna love it (worth a bet.. :P)

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the post is good. the photos are very good.


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